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The Versatile Blogger Award and a few things about myself…

Paula's Pontifications receives the Versitile Blogger Award

It’s award season, for sure! I was very sick (I think it was the flu) for roughly 17 days straight recently. Hit with fever, body aches, and belly aches. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to feel better. But I do, and the past few days I received encouraging and motivating feedback from the members of the blogging community. In addition to the two awards given to me last week, I was blessed with another one yesterday: The Versatile Blogger Award!

This award was passed on to my blog, Paula’s Pontifications, by Madeline Laughs of Spread Information ~ Stop the Madness blog, which “supports the fact that everyone has a story to tell.” Thank you, Madeline Laughs and Spread Information!

Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Display the award logo on your blog. Check!
  • Thank and Link back to the person who nominated you. Check!
  • State 7 things about yourself. Check!
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award. Not in this post. I have many fellow bloggers to recognize and will dedicate a post later this week to them.
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back. See above.

Seven things about me:

  1. Alice Olive PaulaAs a young(er) woman, I was often told that I reminded people of Olive Oyl. More accurately, that I looked like Shelly Duvall’s character in the Popeye movie. Remember Popeye? Now, people tell me I look like Alice (Milla Jovovich) from the Resident Evil films. I don’t know. I don’t get it, really. How about you? Hehe!
  2. I love scary movies. Why? I have no idea, but I read that it may have something to do with my need to stimulate a part of my brain that is normally not stimulated. However, I admit I took a VERY long and much-needed break from them in my recent past. I wonder why?
  3. While a graduate student, I was also a member of AmeriCorps and worked at a community corrections facility (also referred to as a half-way house), where I taught male and female inmates GED, ABE, Life Skills, and Computer training, among other things. The organization I worked for also has a WordPress blog. Check it out!: Community Educational Outreach.
  4. As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming an architect. I wanted to design and build things. That dream didn’t come true. Instead, my studies focused on writing and communication and adult education. Today, I design and build (and sometimes rebuild) websites. They call it information architecture, and I love doing it and learning more about it every day.
  5. I play the saxophone and the violin. Well…I used to play them. I’d like to start practicing again and maybe take a few lessons along with my son. I think he wants to play the trombone.
  6. One day I would love to live near the mountains and the sea at the same time. I have lived in the mountains of Colorado, Maine, and Maryland. I have spent many vacations on the coast and near water. I love both and can’t decide, so why not treat myself  and my family to both at once?
  7. I don’t like writing about myself. I like writing. Just not about myself. I’m slowly getting over that fear.


Sociopaths, do your civic duty and stay away from the rest of us. Okay?

Better Than

How do I convince the boy, the narcissistic sociopath in my story, to stop abusing people? How do I open his eyes to his own destructive behavior? I don’t! In order to convince him, he would first need to come to terms with his abusive nature. That will never happen.

Sociopaths have no conscience, no ability to empathize with the pain of others they have caused. All I can do is ask him not to lure another unsuspecting woman, friend, or business partner into his sad, pathetic life of lies, manipulations, and ugliness. Just move along from all of us and save us from your shitty-ness.

If your behavior matches any of the boy’s behavior I have listed below, you should probably move along from having love affairs, friendships, and business partnerships, too.

  • If you have fallen in love with a woman on the first date and told her she’s the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE on the second, move along.
  • If you have ever told a woman you want to spend every waking hour with her and never be away from her side, move along.
  • If you are rude to waiters, waitresses, bartenders, or any other service provider for no reason other than the fact you think they are below you, move along.
  • If you look for ways to scam everyone just so you can get a discount or something for nothing, move along.
  • If you brag about those scams and feel superior as a result of them, move along.
  • If you have an alias FB account (or more than one alias FB account), move along.
  • If you are sweet and kind and considerate to friends to their faces but then criticize them behind their backs, move along.
  • If you have ever declared a one-time best friend or past girlfriend DEAD TO YOU, move along.
  • If you like cheating your city and county out of property taxes by not filing the proper building permits before building a detached 2-car garage with a 1-bedroom apartment in your backyard, move along.
  • If you hired a cheap contractor to dig holes for plumbing work leading to said detached garage and apartment, move along.
  • If you took that cheap contractor to court because he didn’t dig the illegal holes fast enough or neat enough, move along.
  • If you tried suing the mother of that cheap contractor because she has more money than the cheap contractor and you deserve something DAMMIT!, move along.
  • If while reading this list you started thinking about excuses for this behavior, move along FASTER!

Remember, it takes a second to tell the truth and hours to explain your lies and bad behavior. You aren’t fooling anyone. But you are hurting them. Honest and good people deserve to have only other honest and good people in their lives. So stop being the predator of goodness that you are. Instead, just stay home alone. Okay? Do your civic duty and stay away from the rest of us. Thank you.

This is child abuse; don’t you think?

Click to read

Who treats a child like this and thinks it’s okay? The boy has some serious Mommy issues, it’s clear. Plus, he can’t seem to figure out that love isn’t about being in the honeymoon stage forever.

Read from the beginning or get caught up on The Birth and Evolution of a Narcissistic Sociopath. I’ll be formatting the site soon to make it available on most eReaders!

Thank you and enjoy!

Story of a Sociopath – up to Part 7

Wolf in sheep's clothing - sociopathMy Story of a Sociopath website is coming along quite nicely. I have fine-tuned many of the more important points through Part 7. I am still searching for a publisher but am thinking about self-publishing the story through i-Books. Any comments would be appreciated.

(Keep in mind, I have no proofreader or editor at this point, just my story in all it’s rawness.)

I am thinking it would be a great supplement to a research text on sociopaths, psychopaths, and personality disorders in general. I’ve already been informed that it’s causing emotional anguish for one of my readers. He’s either been a victim of someone like The Boy or he sees himself in The Boy. It’s not for me to judge. Enjoy!

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