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How do I convince the boy, the narcissistic sociopath in my story, to stop abusing people? How do I open his eyes to his own destructive behavior? I don’t! In order to convince him, he would first need to come to terms with his abusive nature. That will never happen.

Sociopaths have no conscience, no ability to empathize with the pain of others they have caused. All I can do is ask him not to lure another unsuspecting woman, friend, or business partner into his sad, pathetic life of lies, manipulations, and ugliness. Just move along from all of us and save us from your shitty-ness.

If your behavior matches any of the boy’s behavior I have listed below, you should probably move along from having love affairs, friendships, and business partnerships, too.

  • If you have fallen in love with a woman on the first date and told her she’s the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE on the second, move along.
  • If you have ever told a woman you want to spend every waking hour with her and never be away from her side, move along.
  • If you are rude to waiters, waitresses, bartenders, or any other service provider for no reason other than the fact you think they are below you, move along.
  • If you look for ways to scam everyone just so you can get a discount or something for nothing, move along.
  • If you brag about those scams and feel superior as a result of them, move along.
  • If you have an alias FB account (or more than one alias FB account), move along.
  • If you are sweet and kind and considerate to friends to their faces but then criticize them behind their backs, move along.
  • If you have ever declared a one-time best friend or past girlfriend DEAD TO YOU, move along.
  • If you like cheating your city and county out of property taxes by not filing the proper building permits before building a detached 2-car garage with a 1-bedroom apartment in your backyard, move along.
  • If you hired a cheap contractor to dig holes for plumbing work leading to said detached garage and apartment, move along.
  • If you took that cheap contractor to court because he didn’t dig the illegal holes fast enough or neat enough, move along.
  • If you tried suing the mother of that cheap contractor because she has more money than the cheap contractor and you deserve something DAMMIT!, move along.
  • If while reading this list you started thinking about excuses for this behavior, move along FASTER!

Remember, it takes a second to tell the truth and hours to explain your lies and bad behavior. You aren’t fooling anyone. But you are hurting them. Honest and good people deserve to have only other honest and good people in their lives. So stop being the predator of goodness that you are. Instead, just stay home alone. Okay? Do your civic duty and stay away from the rest of us. Thank you.

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  1. this can also apply to family members and friends that know no personal boundaries


  2. That’s exactly right.


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