Wolf in sheep's clothing - sociopathMy Story of a Sociopath website is coming along quite nicely. I have fine-tuned many of the more important points through Part 7. I am still searching for a publisher but am thinking about self-publishing the story through i-Books. Any comments would be appreciated.

(Keep in mind, I have no proofreader or editor at this point, just my story in all it’s rawness.)

I am thinking it would be a great supplement to a research text on sociopaths, psychopaths, and personality disorders in general. I’ve already been informed that it’s causing emotional anguish for one of my readers. He’s either been a victim of someone like The Boy or he sees himself in The Boy. It’s not for me to judge. Enjoy!


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  1. And interesting tale! It sounds like this story was at least partially based on personal experience. It’s a pity that people like The Boy give us such a bad name. I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t see myself in him; but unlike The Boy, I have greater foresight and insight into the consequences of my actions – and moderate accordingly.

    We don’t all act as callous as The Boy does.


    • Thank goodness for that, playing tame. 🙂

      The story is definitely inspired by a VERY sick person from my not-so-distant past. And “callous” is a very appropriate word to describe his actions. Even though his actual identity is unknown by my readers, the inspiration actually had a lawyer send me a cease and desist letter. I laughed at it. All the letter did was affirm my story. Maybe I’ll post parts of the letter soon. It’s a classic scare-tactic. Thanks for your comments. I like your blog.


    • Interesting. The sociopath from my past found my old blog on blogger and was pissed about what I was writing, too, even though his identity was hidden. He started posting anonymous comments on my blog. Are they all the same?


    • Hahaha! He has done that but I told him even anonymous posts can be traced back to him through his IP address. He’s too much of a coward to comment.


    • Exactly. Same thing here.


    • Sending a legal letter like that is laughable, but I can see why he tried it. A lot of people get quite terrified when getting legal correspondence like that.

      Anyway, thank you, Paula, for also taking the time to read my blog; I’m glad you like it. Part of the reason I write it is to give people a window into our world, to show people that we’re not *all* quite the unreasoning monsters that we tend to be.


  2. I read the story and I must say, there is no shortage of sociopaths on the planet I come from.


  3. Paula…how in the world are you able to describe a sociopath so well????? I dated one and all the descriptions are correct! It’s so scary!


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