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  1. I read your piece on Bikram Choudhury and am currently preparing for the yoga teacher training in April 2015. I had also heard about the allegations and at first was very confused and almost angry about it, wondering how something so beneficial and positive could be even the slightest bit connected to something so cruel.
    But having some time to think it over I have realised that it doesnt matter who Bikram is beyond the yoga, nor does it matter what price he has put to it, because I know that this yoga has more benefits than anything else I have ever done. And even the relationships you build with everyone at the studio are irreplaceable.
    But I ask you, have you met anyone who has been abused by Bikram?

    With love,
    Julia Ama


    • Other than the women who have come forward with the allegations and charges, no one else has shared or revealed their stories, but that is not to say others don’t exist or that I have never met someone abused by him. Most victims would not just come out and talk about abuse; it’s not exactly a socially acceptable topic to talk about and most people who do talk about it are blamed, shunned and shamed back into silence. We see it often in the public arena with people who have accused high-profile, celebrities of such behavior: Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Jerry Sandusky, Ray Rice, etc.

      Are you aware that you can now receive training for the series of postures from trainers other than those associated with the Bikram, Inc empire? Bikram lost his copyright case last September, so now anyone with the knowledge, interest and means can offer the training for the series. And any studio can teach that style without being obligated to explicitly and exclusively use the word “Bikram” in the name of their studio.


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