I’m going to be featured in OM Yoga Magazine!


International, UK-based OM Yoga Magazine will feature my book (Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath), me and fellow survivor, blogger, and entrepreneur, Andrea Clark, in their upcoming edition.

As part of a larger story on the benefits of yoga and meditation for domestic violence victims and their children, our professional bios and contributions to issues of safety, DV/abuse recovery, and sociopath awareness will be highlighted.

To put an international spotlight on survivors of sociopath/pathological abuse is HUGE!! It’s huge for everyone from victims to those who offer assistance and support to survivors in recovery.

Please checkout Andrea’s blog, The Eternal Victim and her Safe Girl Security site.

Also, consider following OM Yoga Magazine or getting a subscription. Their mobile app is free!


It Works! – Helping me help more victims of domestic violence and abuse


I have three (3) simple dreams for the near future:

  1. To open an affordable yoga and meditation studio to help women (and men, too) who have been victims of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse;
  2. To create, build and maintain a fund to help domestic violence victims who find themselves financially handicapped; and
  3. To train to become a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, so I can help others in all kinds of profound and life-changing ways.

For months on a quest to figure out how to make these dreams come to fruition, I have been trying in vain to find grants and scholarships from foundations and other non-profits who claim to be interested in changing the face of domestic violence. Like anyone protecting an investment, these organizations require evidence-based proof that the money they give to me will prove successful. They also require that I use the money in certain ways to meet their requirements.

Well, I’m tired of depending on others to help me help others. Even foundations and organization want to hold me hostage and control how I choose to help others.

No more! I’m tired of forever proving myself and being forced to comply with someone else’s idea of change. It’s time to redefine community activism for myself and to do that, I have to work to make my own money for my own damn dreams to come true.

I am hoping that becoming an It Works! distributor will help me earn the money for those dreams. Here’s the rather long story of how It Works! crossed my path and why I could no longer ignore the fact that it kept getting in my field of view:

We all want to change and improve ourselves, but few of us realize that effective change and transformation takes time. If change and transformation were instant, we’d all be perfect and happy, and giving up would be a foreign concept.

So pushing through and persevering is necessary when we want to make monumental changes in our lives. Unfortunately, pushing through and persevering is easier said than done. And because we’re human and humans need the occasional boost and “instant” feeling of accomplishment, we give up too soon when we don’t see results as quickly as we’d like to see them.

Giving up is normal and natural, but wouldn’t it be ideal to discover that thing that could provide the necessary instant gratification the moment you feel like giving up while in the midst of the arduous and daunting challenge of real body and mind transformation?

It Works! proved to be the ideal discovery for me…that necessary instant gratification.

As I set out on my journey a few years ago of healing and recovery from domestic violence/intimate partner abuse at the hands of a sociopath, I became discouraged and angry with myself almost daily.

I was frustrated, anxious and stressed by my body’s inability to more quickly find balance. This imbalance affected my focus, eating habits, and exercise routine. I struggled.

One day, on a visit to my home town to visit my mother, I drove past a business advertising It Works! body wraps. As a former dancer, collegiate athlete and cross-country runner, I have never bought into diet and exercise gimmicks that promise instant and quick results. I have always been aware that hard work is what is needed. Everything else is a Band-Aid.

But in that moment as I read the sign on the outside of that salon, I found myself curious and contemplating getting this wrap thing. I had been practicing yoga for a few months at that point and still wasn’t really feeling the full benefits in my body and mind. I was simply frustrated that my body still felt tired and even looked tired. I was at a healthy weight but my thighs still had that ripple and bumpy look (thanks, cellulite!) despite the fact I was building lots of lean muscle beneath the surface.

I took down the number on the sign and called Barbie, the salon owner, when I arrived at my mother’s home. Barbie was friendly and positive. I figured even if the wrap didn’t work the way the sign promised it would work, at least I’d be in the company of a passionate and cheerful person. So I agreed to an appointment and met Barbie later that day.

Barbie suggested that I first try the wrap on my belly. I didn’t think my belly was where I needed to lose inches, but I agreed. She wrapped my belly, and we talked for 45 minutes about how It Works! was changing her life and the lives of her clients. I don’t like being skeptical, but I can’t help it sometimes; it’s my nature. Despite my skepticism, I couldn’t help but feel Barbie’s energy and the genuine nature of her testimony.

Although I felt instantly rejuvenated and continued to feel and see results in my abdominal area for days after the wrap application, I did not go out and purchase more wraps immediately. Instead, like the analytic skeptic I am, I searched the internet for scam reports and followed other people on FB and Twitter who were touting It Works! as distributors. I wanted to test the longevity and the novelty. I needed to collect data that guided me in one direction or another.

As time passed, my intuition kept telling me to just do it:

“They work. They’re not expensive. Just buy a few and try them on your legs and upper thighs, Paula!”

I continued to resist.

A few months passed, and I attended a party by a friend who sells beauty products. She introduced me to her friend who is an It Works! distributor. Her name is Jaime. Jaime proved to be as equally passionate as Barbie! Jaime gave me a wrap applicator sample to take home and try.

Months passed, but I never tried it. What was I so afraid to discover? I think I was afraid to discover that It Works! really works!

Finally, about a month ago, I was approached by Jaime who wanted to know if I would be interested in helping her promote her It Works! business by taking a 90-day before-and-after photo challenge at her cost for applicators. I agreed! Why not? If they didn’t work, I at least I helped a friend.

The moment I received the four applicators, I took my “before” pictures and then wrapped myself in two applicators, one to each of my upper thighs. While the applicators did their magic, I read and enjoyed some music.

Not expecting much of a change in just 45 minutes, I unwrapped myself and grabbed my camera.

Shock and disbelief is an understatement. I kept changing the lighting thinking I was just experiencing an optical illusion. It turns out, the results were real. The dimples in my upper thighs had magically smoothed out, and I felt this surge of instant gratification.

I immediately texted Jaime my pictures and no sooner did I end the conversation with Jaime, I received an invitation from Barbie asking me if I’d be interested in joining her team as an It Works! distributor. She said that with my blogging and social media skills, I could create a prosperous and growing business.

And that’s where I got stuck again.

I have a good-paying day job. And, yes, I do have lots of loyal readers on my blog. But if I were so reluctant to try It Works!, what makes me think my friends, family and blog readers would instantly give It Works! a try to help me earn money?

Then I realized that whatever money I am able to profit, I can do with it as I wish, right? I found a possible solution to make my dreams come true!

We all deserve to feel good about the way we look. Sometimes it takes longer for our outsides to catch up with our inner light and hope. Nothing is more disheartening than feeling good about our progress only to look in the mirror to see we still look tired and a little worn down.

It Works! wraps can help avoid those moments of self-defeat. It Works! wraps can help keep you on track and remind you that all the inner work you’re doing will soon be evident to everyone who meets you and sees your glow.

So get your wraps and unwrap the layers of shame your body has been storing. Put on your yoga pants, hit the gym, let go of the cover up and allow your body to take in the sunshine.


Paula Carrasquillo
Yogi. Author. Advocate. It Works! distributor.

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