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The murder of Reeva Steenkamp and the Pistorius trial has really affected me, and I believe it has affected many, many of us. It all just feels too close to home — the text messages, the blaming, the shaming, the drama, the crocodile tears, the wrong diagnosis/misdiagnosis, and the frustration surrounding society’s “civil” need to consider this murderer’s defense.

Despite the closed-minded folks who refuse to listen to those of us who have lived this hell and instead rely on the inexperienced and money-driven experts, we need to let the world know how we feel about the conclusions being drawn and bring the focus back to proper awareness and education about pathology and the harm caused.

Does it matter what we call it? Psychopathy, sociopathy, narcissism?

No, because regardless of the source or cause of the individual’s behavior, the behavior harms and continues to harm and re-victimize the victims and everyone within range of the sociopath’s sphere of influence.

In the case of Pistorius, his sphere is the entire world thanks to the media coverage and his Olympic past and notoriety.

And our sphere of positive influence can be global, too.

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Liars! Further Dissection of Pistorius’s Anxiety and PTSD Claims

Oscar throws a temper tantrum at the Paralympics, and an expert claims he did it because he suffers from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

First, someone suffering from undiagnosed and untreated GAD would have a difficult time competing let alone losing a race.

Second, those who suffer GAD generally do not blame others for every mistake they make in life, and they certainly wouldn’t know to blame the possible source of their anxiety: their abusive parents. Oh, my!

Individuals suffering from GAD fail to act due to fear of failure and of being perceived as imperfect. Their anxiety is born from feeling like they are not good enough.

Oscar, on the contrary, believes he is very good. He is so good in his eyes that he once fought to be the exception to all the rules in the last summer Olympic games.

Did he care if other athletes considered his presence and “blades” to be an unfair advantage? Not at all. He did not have the capacity to respect the sound and scientific arguments against him competing. Instead, he was quoted as saying:

“I don’t see myself as disabled. There’s nothing I can’t do that able-bodied athletes can do.”

Despite his current claim that experiencing the trauma of having his fibulas removed at 11-months of age and of having a one-time alcoholic mother and controlling father who made him fearful of society, up until the day he murdered Reeva Steenkamp, all who knew Oscar and witnessed his behavior would have argued otherwise.

“I still find it strange when I say to someone, ‘Can you pass me my legs?’ But I don’t ever think about my disability,” Pistorius has claimed.

So which is it? Is Pistorius someone who, for years, has simply been fooling everyone into believing his disability didn’t have a negative effect on his life but actually made him superhuman for overcoming his loss of limbs? Or is Pistorius fooling us now in an attempt to elude justice for the gun-killing murder of Reeva Steenkamp?

If he were truly terrified that night, he would have simply reached over to touch the position on the bed where Reeva should have been. In a matter of seconds, he would have been assured that the noise he claimed to have heard was just Reeva and not an intruder. His fears and anxieties would have subsided. And as a GAD sufferer, this is exactly what he would have done, because, after years of experiencing debilitating and undiagnosed GAD, he would have trained himself to investigate the reasonable cause before reacting prematurely.

But this is not what poor, suffering Pistorius did that night. Instead, according to him, he reached for his gun (not for Reeva) and took more time to stumble over to the toilet door on his stumps, screaming to the person behind the door, “Get the fuck out of my house!”

Reeva surely would have heard that and responded with, “It’s just me Oscar. It’s Reeva.”

He didn’t even speak through the door, “Is that you Reeva? I’m scared. Is that you in the toilet?”

THAT is what someone with undiagnosed and untreated GAD would do, because people with GAD are frozen to respond to situations if there are uncertainties.

Only an arrogant and reactive sociopath would shoot first and ask questions later, because to a sociopath, all of their actions are justified.

And, no, you cannot claim that his trauma response would have been to fight. Why? Because in this situation, there was a door between Oscar and the presumed threat. A person experiencing trauma would hope the door remained intact to continue serving as a barrier. Shooting through the door decreases the door’s value as a barrier. Not only would holes render the door weaker, the chances that the presumed threat on the other side would use their weapon also increased.

Oscar knew the person on the other side of the door was Reeva. He knew she was unarmed. He knew his life was not in physical danger.

But Oscar was scared and terrified in those moments, because he feared his reputation was on the line. He was more than aware of Reeva’s interest in speaking out against domestic violence. Also, he was well-aware that her own reputation and public presence in the spotlight was on the threshold of taking off with her soon-to-be aired reality show and with her Valentine’s Day speech at a local school about domestic violence and intimate partner abuse.

He couldn’t have her breaking up with him. The timing was terrible! She could easily start pointing fingers at his abusive and manipulative nature. Oscar had to do something to shut her up, so he shot through the door, killed Reeva, and today claims it’s because of his childhood.

He wants the rest of us to see him as the real victim, a victim of his childhood and uncontrollable circumstances, while we are to feel nothing for the woman he killed.

Who does that? Childhood victims of trauma and abuse?

No. Real victims of trauma who commit heinous crimes and murder would ask to be punished. There would be no denial. There would be absolute blame and shame. There would be no pleas for understanding or pity. No victim would make such an outrageous claim that killing a loved one was a reasonable response to an unknown threat. Reasonable because 30 years ago your fibulas were amputated? What’s next? All circumcised boys who commit murder will claim trauma, too? (Get f%$#ing real!!)


Claiming Pistorius Suffers from an Anxiety Disorder is Insulting to All Victims and Survivors Worldwide

The psychiatrist did a great job of listing why one MIGHT suffer from an anxiety disorder as a result of health traumas or imperfect childhood experiences like OP, but the expert failed to accurately illustrate how anxiety is outwardly manifested and measured over time.

The expert, in his ignorance, proved Pistorius does NOT suffer from general anxiety. Quite the opposite.

People with true anxiety tend to be anxious as a result of deep feelings of accountability, shame and blame. Oscar displays none of these.

Those with true anxiety are often rendered unable to act, because we need things to be perfect before we act. Otherwise, if something doesn’t happen as we planned, it burdens us because we see the failed plans as being totally and completely our fault, no one else’s. Oscar blames everyone BUT himself.

Those with true anxiety burden themselves with all of the fault. We run every possible outcome and scenario through our minds, which is why most of is don’t act or pursue our dreams. We try to be perfect before taking action (which is impossible), so we rarely act. Oscar has the opposite problem. He believes he is perfect and acts like a bull in a China shop, smashing through life with delusions of entitlement.

Those with true anxiety can definitely be controlling as a result of our need for perfection. However, when and if we do act and our actions fail or result in harm, the shame and guilt builds and grows deeper. Our anxiety grows. It’s a vicious cycle that destroys our self-confidence, self-respect and self-worth.

OP displays zero accountability or remorse, which is evident in his specific responses to being questioned about his harmful behavior.

Oscar IS suffering, however. He suffers from the temporary anxiety of getting caught and realizing prison time is an absolute possibility and consequence.

It’s convenient for the defense to claim anxiety, but the diagnosis is grossly inaccurate and insulting to those of us who understand how anxiety leads to deterioration of self-worth, not to an inflated ego and deflection of accountability, which is what Oscar displays.

OP is a sociopath. There is no doubt in my mind. He intentionally murdered his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The only thing that wasn’t intended was getting caught.


Sociopaths accept no blame and refuse punishment #OscarPistorius


I awoke this morning to more Oscar Pistorius testimony and am blown away by how he’s able to just say that he “made a mistake.” We make mistakes on math tests. Oh, right…boys will be boys, huh?

He’s already minimizing his actions, and he hasn’t served any time or taken any responsibility for his “mistake.”

In reality, he’s been very sheltered and protected these last 13 months. He even went on holiday to beautiful Mozambique where he met his current girlfriend who happens to be 19 years old. Can a man who is truly mourning the devastating “accidental” killing of his beautiful girlfriend meet someone new and fall in love less than a year later?!? Someone who “accidentally” murders his girlfriend would be too fearful and distrustful of HIMSELF to even consider allowing someone new into his life.

Reeva’s murder was no accident.

People who commit “accidental” crimes such as this admit wrongdoing and ask for their just punishment. They don’t weep and cry in hopes of being pitied and forgiven before they’ve faced the consequences.

This delusional and pathetic abuser has no shame. He has no respect for Reeva’s family who are truly grieving. This entire story makes me both angry and sad.

Every single one of us is fearful of judgment. And we resist the urge to judge others, because we understand the pain of being unfairly judged. It’s a great practice NOT to judge others. But it’s not judgment when you call a spade a spade. It’s a fact! Oscar Pistorius killed a woman. He deserves to face the consequences.

If I “accidentally” kill a person due to my own negligence, I wouldn’t be able to expect zero punishment. I would serve my time and hope for redemption. Forgiveness is never a given nor should it be expected. Acceptance of our behavior and acceptance of the just punishment is a sign of a remorseful person.

Pistorius accepts neither. He wants to be the exception to all the rules.

Pistorius mentioned earlier in the week that he suffers insomnia, and when he can sleep, he often awakens terrified “to the smell of blood.” Today, he testified that the day of the murder and while in custody he asked an officer if he could wash his hands:

“I asked a policeman if I might wash my hands because the smell of the blood was making me throw up,” Pistorius said on the stand.

Really? He wanted to wash his hands of his crime? Perhaps we should refer to him as Pilate and not Pistorius. The smell of the blood was making him sick and not the reality that he had murdered his girlfriend?

For me, Pistorius continues to reveal his true nature. Who wouldn’t sit in the blood of the woman he killed and face the consequences? Who wouldn’t accept what he did and consider that smell to be part of his just punishment? This man is a coward. This man is despicable. This man is a pathological sociopath who honestly believes he has suffered enough and hopes we will pity him to avoid the maximum penalty and punishment.

I apologize for repeatedly going on about this, but this could be the case that many victims can refer others to in hopes of accurately illustrating and explaining the mask of sanity abusive sociopaths walk around wearing, fooling the populous.

Oscar Pistorius accepts no blame and refuses punishment.


Reeva Steenkamp was murdered by a narcissistic sociopath

Have you been following the Pistorius trial?

“I’m scared of you sometimes,” texted Reeva Steenkamp.

She and Pistorius had been out with friends just a couple of weeks prior to her murder. Pistorius forced them to leave the restaurant due to his delusional belief that Reeva was flirting with the husband of a friend.

“I was not flirting with anyone today, I feel sick that you suggested that,” she texted, adding, “We are living in a double-standard relationship. Every five seconds I hear you dated another chick.”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I read these and thought about what could have been my fate. These texts are reminiscent of my own from that toxic life with the boy in my story.

As soon as news of Reeva’s murder made the news last Valentine’s Day 2013, I knew Pistorius had killed her in a sociopathic rage. My gut and intuition told me that Pistorius’s claim about being frightened by potential burglars in his bathroom was ludicrous. To scare away a burglar, you just turn on a light or scream, “I have a gun and I called the police!” You don’t blindly shoot through a door, especially if you haven’t bothered to seek out the location of all your beloved family members first.

Who blindly shoots through a door? A sociopath at the height of his rage.

I imagine Pistorius was growing increasingly jealous and feeling increasingly out of control. Reeva was about to cross the threshold of stardom with her reality show and the public appearances that come with that world.

Pistorius, so accustomed to being in control and having the spotlight on him, could not handle Reeva being out of his control.

I imagine a heated argument resulted in Reeva feeling incredibly frightened. She didn’t freeze or fight. Her instinct was to flee. She had one advantage over Pistorius…her legs. She used them and raced to the bathroom and locked herself inside. This sent Pistorius into a frenzy of rage.

How was he going to regain control? There was no way Reeva was going to get away with exerting her independence over him. She was NOT allowed to run away from him without facing the consequences. The sociopath MUST have the final say…always!

As soon as Pistorius heard the lock click into place, he grabbed his gun and started shooting. Blind rage. Shooting 4 times.

Like a “good” sociopath, he had a plan. He knew who to blame. He wasn’t going to be accused of intentionally killing his girlfriend. After all, he loved her soooo much!

I wrote the attached story a year ago. Today, I believe, more than ever, that he is an evil and delusional sociopath who had every intention of killing Reeva. How dare she defy him and run from him? He never gave her permission to do such a thing.

What do you think?

Pistorius, Jealousy, and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of the Narcissistic Sociopath

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