The small-penis brain of the sociopath

Male sociopaths think all women are whores and that all of our decisions and choices are based on our need for penis.

>> We marry or date the sociopath, because we want his penis.

>> We take a job, because we want our boss’s penis.

>> We frequent a certain store/bank/coffee shop, because we want that cute clerk’s penis.

>> We leave the sociopath, because we want someone else’s penis.

Is anyone else laughing at the absurdity of how primal these fools are considering how evolved they claim to be?

Sociopaths lack “manhood.”

Therefore, every other male on the planet is a direct threat. The sociopath minimizes us with insults and threats to minimize the men they presume we desire.

Sociopaths know they suck and fear that we think they suck, too. So to punish us for what they fear we think, sociopaths freely accuse us of all kinds of sexual nastiness, which makes us, eventually, disgusted and no longer sexually attracted to the sociopath. We soon say to ourselves, “This guy absolutely sucks!!”

(Funny how self-fulfilling prophecies work.)

Once we no longer find the sociopath sexually attractive, the sociopath has “proof” we were nothing but a lying whore all along.

Sociopaths, in their infinite wisdom, fail to see that there is no link between our natural sexuality and why we eventually lose all sexual interest in them. When intimacy and foreplay consist of nothing but accusations, demands, and threats, how on earth could any woman be attracted to such a beast sexually or otherwise?

Sociopaths even use passive aggressive sarcasm to emasculate and tear apart the male or group of males they refer to as friends. Every good man is a threat.

Personally, while inside the toxic relationship, I came to the conclusion that if the sociopath disliked and spoke with heavy criticism about certain males he knew (and supposedly liked), those were the males that were the really good ones.

So maybe sociopaths are good for something: any man or woman the sociopath pretends to be friends with yet insults with vile behind their backs or directly with passive aggressive, emasculating sarcasm, are the people who possess what the sociopath lacks and covets the most – integrity, passion, honesty, and value.

(No wonder we often form instant bonds with other victims/survivors, huh? We’re all awesome! Hehe!)

The sociopath secretly hates everyone and will use every conceivable way possible to minimize us and others in hopes of diminishing our self-esteem and increase our fears just so the sociopath can feel superior, as he sits in his inferior, small-penis brain.


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