#1 Bikram Yoga Breathing Exercise: Pranayama Standing Deep Breathing*

You stand. You breathe. Sounds simple, and it is. All that’s required is focus. Watch the video to get an idea of what’s expected (No, I am not in this video):

Touted Benefits

  • Good for lungs and respiratory system.
  • Helps lungs reach their maximum expansion capacity.
  • Is very good for asthma, shortness of breath and nervousness.
  • Increases circulation to the body.

Actual Experience for Paula

I have never had any shortness of breath, asthma, lung or respiratory issues in my life. (However, years ago while racing up the last and steepest 1.5 miles of the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon National Park, I slipped down a switchback and hyperventillated. Thank goodness my friend James wasn’t too macho to stop and help me, forfeiting his chance at WINNING!)

I do have issues with my circulation and always have. My legs often get VERY tired from sitting, and I need to massage them nightly before I go to bed. I also have tiny spider veins most likely related to poor circulation.

Since practicing Bikram yoga and this deep breathing exercise (which can be done before doing ANY activity), I have not had the tired-leg feelings as before. I also looked into treating my spider veins since I feel like I have more control over my circulatory system, and the chance of more occuring is slim. (To find out if you have issues with your circulation, read this eHow article.)

Regardless, this is one exercise you should try now. Just try it and then go for a walk or hike or race around the house with your child. See how you feel. Make it a habit, even if you never try a full Bikram yoga series. Namaste!

*Source: Bikram’s Begginning Yoga Class by Bikram Choudhury

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