The so-called experts need to pay more attention to victims of sociopath abuse

I love when psychoanalysts contact me to personally warn me that diagnosing people based on criteria is dangerous and careless without proper licensing and credentials.

I’d like to respond with a big fat, “No shit, assholes,” but I’m trying to be more controlled and understanding these days.

First, I am not suggesting that anyone diagnose anyone as a sociopath. I encourage everyone to understand how to spot sociopaths by their behavior.

Second, learning to spot the warning signs, in the moment or in hindsight, is not careless or dangerous. It’s mindful and essential to our growing awareness of ourselves and the environments in which we live and work.

Third, if the majority of psychoanalysts were accurately diagnosing victims and survivors and pinpointing the source of our trauma, none of us would be forced to take action on our own through self-study, research, and finding our own solutions to heal in order to determine that the monster responsible for our trauma was someone we once thought loved us.

The so-called experts need to start listening to those of us who have actually experienced what a sociopath is before any real help can be provided to us through psychotherapy.

The so-called experts need to pay attention and consider what we have to say, not attempt to shut us down with shame and blame and finger-pointing. We’re sick of that dismissive attitude. It’s harming and destructive.

This is how I feel today: For over 3 years, I wasted $200/month on psychotherapy! Psychotherapy did absolutely nothing to stop my nightmares or to bring me understanding. Psychotherapy actually hindered my recovery in many ways.

Writing my story and learning from other survivors’ stories guided me to where I am today…among other very important practices.


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