Writing keeps us sane and healthy…Really!

People often ask me, “Why do you write about such personal things on your blog and on your other site? Aren’t you afraid of being judged or critisized?”

My quick answer: Writing provides me with a release. Instead of trying to fight feelings internally, I purge them by writing them all down and sharing some of them on my blog. Some feelings are shameful, and some are joyful. I publish many of these feelings because I know there might be others who have similar feelings and think they are alone in those feelings. (You know how they say misery loves company? Well, I like to think that all emotions and feelings want company. When we’re joyful, wouldn’t we rather be in a room filled with other happy folks than a room filled with depressed downers?)

If you don’t believe me, read what the experts have to say about writing and healing.

When I was pregnant with my son in 2005, I took two creative writing courses. Most of the stuff I wrote about dealt with overwhelming emotions and moods I was experiencing. At the time, I had no idea that the process of writing was aiding me through these moods as my pregnancy progressed. I would have strong feelings of not being worthy of having a child or not knowing how to be a good mother or wife or sister…(you get the idea). Here is a poem I wrote inspired by William Carlos Williams’ poem of the same title:

This is Just to Say
(April 2005 – For my husband, sister, and baby)

This is just to say…
I’m sorry for eating your food
from the Styrofoam container clearly marked:
“Please Do Not Eat.”

This is just to say…
I’m sorry for being cranky and tired lately
but you’d be too if you
had a grapefruit poking out of your belly.

This is just to say…
I’m sorry I forgot to put a new roll
of toilet paper in the bathroom;
I know you can’t see without your glasses.

This is just to say…
I hope your team wins; I really
do care even though I always say:
“It’s ONLY a game.”

This is just to say…
I hope you decide to stay;
We really love having you around even though
you don’t help cook, clean, or walk your dog.

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