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The Sociopath as the Rotten, Stinking Limb Even a Tree Hugger Can’t Embrace

tree hugger“Why do you talk about sociopaths as if they aren’t humans?”

That was a question by a commenter left on a blog I frequent. The first thing that came to mind after reading the comment was:

“Is the commenter a sociopath or is the commenter just one of those do-gooders who likes focusing on the positive in people?”

Regardless, I’d like to answer the question:

I don’t think sociopaths are like non-sociopaths. Therefore, I have a hard time referring to them in terms I use for non-sociopaths.

Certainly, many of us behave badly at times in our lives. I know I have! But unlike sociopaths, we are accountable and identify when we need to make a change so we stop behaving badly.

As far as focusing on the negative, I love people! With the exception of the sociopath. I choose to keep them out of my life so I can neither love nor hate them. I’d like to remain indifferent to their presence on planet earth.

I find most of my outlooks on life need an asterisk that states: *with the exception of sociopaths.

For example:

I always look for the good in people.*

Everyone deserves a second chance and sometimes need even more chances.*

There is good in everyone.*

I will go out of my way to help a person in need.*

I admire intelligent people.*

I enjoy meeting new people.*

You get the idea. I’m a tree-hugger type who won’t embrace that one rotten, stinking limb.

Am I ashamed of that? Nope.

Does it make me look like a hypocrite. Probably.

However, unless a person has lived alongside a sociopath or other pathological type, that person will never understand the distinction and the exception. And that’s okay. Bless them, as my sister-in-law would say. 🙂


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