Newsletter launched today! #sociopathabuse #recovery

Today I launched Volume 1, Issue 1 of Paula’s Pontifications Newsletter. I decided to do this for a few reasons:

1. Increase privacy: Unlike following a page or joining a group, signing up to receive the newsletter is between the reader and me.

2. Re-purpose relevant posts: In the past two years, I’ve written close to 450 blog posts. I’d like to breathe fresh life into some of the better ones by linking to them from the newsletter.

3. Highlight awareness vs. active recovery: Knowledge isn’t power unless we understand how to move forward with our knowledge. The newsletter format allows to more fluidly commingle and juxtapose sociopath character traits with survivor recovery and self-care tips. The connection is more immediate in the newsletter format than in a blog post format. It’s a way of saying without shouting, “Hey! Don’t forget about yourself, okay?”

4. Introduce new voices: I’m hoping readers and survivors will consider contributing to the newsletter. The reach is less, so the format may prove less intimidating than posting or creating their own blog until they get their feet wet.

I value your feedback and hope you find the time to read my first newsletter.

Thank you!

P.S. I’m still working out some formatting issues. 🙂

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