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Just because you have an overwhelming case for murder, doesn’t mean those in the position to prosecute will make the right choice and seek justice. My friend Shirley is seeking justice for her son Raymond who died under “unusual circumstances” in September 2007.

Watch this video to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Ray’s death and visit the website Denied Justice.

Support Shirley and share this video and follow her blog at Justice for Raymond and “Like” her Facebook page Justice for Raymond. Let’s hope Pennsylvania prosecutors will make the right decision and get the justice Ray deserves.

Maryland prefers prosecuting “stranger” rape. And torturing and killing cats is okay, too.

AngelaWarning: This post details an actual rape and may trigger victims/survivors and elicit strong emotions in everyone and anyone regardless of experience.

Sign the petition now!

If you think rape is only something that happens between people who don’t know each other, stop reading and go back to whatever it was you were doing. This petition won’t change your mind. So, save yourself time. Just stop reading now.

  • It seems Maryland doesn’t consider rape by a spouse or intimate partner to be a crime worthy of prosecution.
  • It seems Maryland thinks forcing your penis into your wife or girlfriend’s vagina or anus is intimacy.
  • It seems Maryland thinks such a case is too much of a “he said; she said” battle.
  • It seems Maryland thinks the burden of proof is too high even though there is a living victim and a living offender both available to provide testimony.
  • It seems Maryland doesn’t think 12 people would be convinced.
  • It seems Maryland thinks the victim is allowing the death (murder) of her cat to cloud her judgment.

It seems to me Maryland prefers to protect abusers and allow victims of domestic violence to “deal with it” and “get over it” and “move on.” I wonder what the Maryland Attorney General would think if this happened to one of their own?

Angela contacted me personally asking me to share her story and encourage everyone to sign her petition. She is the victim of a brutal rape and the owner of a cat allegedly tortured and murdered by her alleged rapist. She is seeking justice asking each of you to sign her petition so her alleged rapist can be judged by a jury of his peers and NOT by the office of the Maryland Attorney General in Montgomery County Maryland located in Rockville, Maryland.

This petition will be delivered to:
Douglas Gansler, Maryland Attorney General
Sherri Koch, Assistant State Attorney

Sign now! Maryland Attorney General: Put Angela’s rapist on trial

Angela, 33, was brutally raped, both orally and anally, by her then boyfriend. Her account is below.

He grabbed my head and forced his penis into my mouth. Previously he had rammed his penis into my anus as I screamed in agony. After he repeatedly raped me, he commented that we had more sex that week than we had in a long time.

Angela found the courage to report her rapes to local police. However, her attempts to seek justice have been put on hold, as Maryland State Attorneys are unwilling to put Angela’s rapist on trial. They typically only prosecute ‘stranger’ rapes and have moved to dismiss the case.

This is not good enough. According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), approximately two thirds of rapes were completed by someone known to the victim. There should be no impunity granted to men who rape women under the guise of a relationship.

We call on the Maryland State Attorneys to proceed with a trial and give Angela a chance of seeing justice.

This could happen to your daughter, your granddaughter, your sister, your mother. Would you want the accused brought to justice? Sign the petition. Bring a rapist and animal abuser and murderer to trial. Let his peers make the decision, not a bunch of people in suits who seem bothered by this business of protecting an innocent woman and others in similar situations.

Sign the petition now!

Sharing what is happening to us. Believing us. Why is it so hard to believe?

emotional abuse hurts just as much as a punch to the gutWhy do I need to show you a picture of bruises on my body or a black eye to convince you that I am a victim of domestic violence/intimate partner abuse? If I could show you a picture of my broken spirit, I would show it to you, but the technology necessary to capture THAT doesn’t exist. Even if it did exist, would you be convinced that emotional abuse is just as damaging as a punch to the gut, a kick to the face, or a gun to my head?

Emotional abuse is often a predictor of physical abuse. Before the punches begin, the nasty words, name calling, and put downs come first. In many cases, however, the abuser prefers to stick with the emotional abuse. Why? Because it’s harder to prove (no physical proof) and the results are long-lasting (bruises go away; emotional turmoil grows deeper), and the abuser gets the thrill of seeing his victim suffer longer.

So, instead of physically harming his victims, the emotional abuser chooses to destroy things his victim holds dear: a favorite book gets burned (accidentally in that gorgeous fire burning in the fireplace he slaved to build for her), a favorite lamp gets smashed (because all she had to do was listen to him, dammit), and a favorite pair of earrings suddenly turns up missing (because she needs to be more careful where she leaves things).

But the most precious “thing” an abuser destroys is his victim’s spirit. Losing her spirit results in depression, lack of interest in things she once loved, loss of her job, loss of her friends, loss of her connection to family, and ultimately, loss of her desire to live. THIS is what emotional abuse does to her. Like bullying, emotional abuse of an intimate partner can lead to suicide or murder or both.

And when she does get away from her abuser (if she gets away from her abuser), her fears and insecurities will keep her from EVER sharing her story. But she NEEDS to tell her story, doesn’t she? The abuser’s next victim deserves the chance to know, doesn’t she? Besides, what is the abuser going to do if she does speak out? Come after her? Maybe. Sue her? Not likely. (Look what happened when a lawyer, yes, a lawyer, tried to sue his ex-girlfriends for letting the world know what a jerk he was: The Failed Matthew Couloute Lawsuit.)

Unfortunately, the victim will never talk about it. Instead, she’ll enter counseling, get prescribed some antidepressants, and everyone will tell her to get over it and move on. Future victims never receive her cautionary report (or at least we don’t get the report in time).

I received the following “report” (part of a larger e-mail) from one of the boy’s ex-girlfriends nearly 13 months AFTER I escaped him. In addition to my personal story, I pass along this small snippet for anyone currently dating the boy. Hopefully, this will serve to provide you with additional proof and validation that the boy is a piece of garbage not to be recycled for future use:

“I am sorry you were caught up with Ruben. I hope you didn’t get sucked in for too long and are able to rebuild your relationships. I make it a practice to not meet with Ruben, his family or correspond with any friends we had in common during my time with him. …I do not honestly want to waste any more of my life thinking or talking about him. I look at the that time in my life as a lesson learned. Because of that experience I will cherish even more the blessing in my life now and the ones to come.”

“I used to watch those mystery murder stories on TV where a psycho husband killed his wife for some senseless reason and used to think if I didn’t leave Ruben, I might end up that way.”

The most beautiful part of the failed Matthew Couloute lawsuit is that Matthew Couloute himself has made it VERY easy for all of us to avoid him through his simple arrogant act of filing a public lawsuit in the first place. Genius!!! (Keep THAT in mind, boy.)

Tell your story. Tell it anonymously if you must. But tell your story. We believe you and don’t need to be convinced that words hurt, too.


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