The Sociopath as Bull in a China Shop

bullSociopaths aren’t really living; they’re merely existing.

A sociopath believes he is superior and evolved, and we almost believed that he was superior and evolved. After all, the Sociopath demonstrated what seemed to be a unique ability to “live in the moment” effortlessly and with little to no stress.

The sociopath often encouraged us to also live without worry and embrace “living in the moment” with him.

It seemed like a good idea. It even seemed fun and adventurous at first. Unfortunately, we always failed to master this philosophy. We couldn’t seem to let go of our worry and our fears as we navigated our lives with the Sociopath and others.

Why did we keep failing in this?

For starters, we have a conscience.

And for another thing, what the Sociopath was preaching to us wasn’t even close to living. The Sociopath’s self-analysis was actually VERY delusional, because the sociopath failed to see the difference between LIVING in the moment and EXISTING in the moment:

1. Living in the moment requires full awareness of ourselves and absolute respect for others. We’re careful not to cause harm to ourselves or others. We think about how others may or may not be affected. We act on empathy and what is in the best interests of everyone “that moment” touches.

2. Existing in the moment is analogous to a bull in a china shop. That bull is certainly in the moment…a moment of destruction, chaos and utter dysfunction. The bull is not considering anyone but himself and will harm anyone and everything that gets in his way.

The sociopath is the bull. You are the china.

Don’t settle on merely existing like the Sociopath. Don’t be fooled by the fool’s philosophy.

Aspire to live in the moment, reflecting on yourself and the choices you make and the people you affect and touch.

Honest and true joy come from living. Existing leaves behind a wake of destruction filled with lies and excuses.

~ Paula

© Paula Carrasquillo and Paula’s Pontifications, 2012 – 2013.

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