Traveling Yogi & Roller-Skating Queen

I have reached day 20 of my 30-day challenge. This past weekend I traveled north to attend my niece’s birthday party. Much to my joy, there was a Bikram Yoga studio just a few minutes from my in-laws home. So, before the party, I was able to get in a practice at Bikram Yoga Exton (BYE).

The Exton location has only been operating since November 2011. The ladies’ locker room was nice and spacious and VERY clean. The studio is also large and easily accommodated the 30+ students attending on Sunday. Kristin Sapp, the owner and instructor, became certified in 2011 and has some amazing abs, as you can see! Her clientele is growing rapidly, and soon she hopes to offer more classes to her already busy schedule.

Everyone I met at BYE was ecstatic about the opportunity to practice with Kristin and had individual stories of improved health and well being. One student told me that her mother recently completed a 60-day challenge in just 38 days (by doing doubles) and lost an amazing 20 pounds!!! (I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to, folks. ūüôā

Immediately following the class, I showered, dressed, and navigated myself to the roller rink where my niece and family were celebrating. Thinking I’d get an opportunity to rest and enjoy watching the kids (including my son) have fun skating, I was quickly informed that my skate rental was already paid for by my brother-in-law, so I had better “go get laced up!”

(Note: Once upon a time, I was a Girl Scout. Before leaving the troop, I earned my one and only badge in…can you guess? Yes, Roller Skating! I have always been proud of that silly little badge and make a point of telling everyone about it whenever I get the chance. Of course, I couldn’t keep quiet about the badge at roller rink, now could I? I told my son and he told his nephew who told his brother who told…You get the idea. I never guessed I’d be put to the test at a birthday party attended by 27 10-year-old kids!)

To start, I enjoyed a free skate with the rest of the guests as we listened to Rhianna, Adelle, and some other musicians I can’t remember. It was fun and very relaxing. Then the lights went up and the MC announced the start of the races. (Races? I’m not going to race a bunch of kids and beat them and feel like a cad for doing it. No way was I going to be THAT parent.) But somehow I was talked into racing the boys wearing in-line skates (seems they’re much faster than traditional roller skates) and a few of the other parents.

Around the first corner, I was behind a pretty fast kid and thought for sure I could take him in the lane. Suddenly, some other kid cut in front of him knocking him down in front of me. In a split second, I thought, “Oh, hell. I’m going to roll over this kids head and hurt him. I better just spread my legs and pray.” Amazingly, I missed hitting any vital parts of the boy like his head, guts, or other parts which can go unnamed. However, I ended up falling face first over top of him. I asked if he was okay. He muttered, “Yeah, but my fingers…” All I heard was “fingers” and immediately got up to finish the race. (If it was JUST his fingers, the kid could suck it up, right?) I finished last. The kid didn’t finish. He had his fingers wrapped in band-aids. I was sure to let his mother know that I was the one who damaged her kid’s fingers. ūüė¶

Then the next game was announced…The Limbo!! My intention was just to help my son get under the pole. But somehow I became a participant. And the poll kept getting lower and lower, and more and more kids were eliminated. Then it came down to two: me and a skinny, little 10-year-old girl who is in training to be an Olympic figure skater. I had no chance! And for once this evening, I was correct. I just couldn’t squat down low enough. Broke my heart! But the party was awesome! Happy birthday, Bella! ūüôā

To Scan Or Not To Scan

I remember growing up in the 70’s when the family camera emerged sparingly¬†on special occasions, like birthdays and vacations, from its nesting place in a desk drawer. Recently, my mom produced a box filled with the loose prints of my childhood and teen years. The edges are browning and yellow. Some are Polaroid shots; some have rounded corners; some are glossy; some are well-faded from age; all¬†have a strange smell that takes me somewhere else in my mind.

Can't yo ujust smell the memories?

Can't you just smell the memories?

They all need to be placed in an album, but I have no idea where to start or how to organize them. I have considered using a basic chronology¬†and have even thought about organizing them by theme like all Christmas pictures together or all baby pictures together, the first requiring only a single label for each group and the second option requiring¬†EACH picture¬†to be clearly captioned. Either way, it’s going to be a tedious job,¬†and one that will surely consume me.

I think about scanning them into my MacBook and iPhoto application that has the power to organize them by person (through face recognition), by place, by date, and by tags that I designate. Fun for me, but the tangible is lost.

So, I wonder, how¬†emotionally charged¬†will my son be in twenty years when he stumbles upon a Web gallery he can click through quickly as apposed to stumbling upon a dusty album¬†he must¬†hold and “move” through? Is there value in the smells and the look of¬†pictures that have aged as he has aged?¬†Does it matter?

Share This?

Share. What does that really mean? I tell my son that it is good to share his toys with his friends. But that it’s not good to share his food or his drink or anything else that might make him or someone else sick with GERMS, as he understands. Then there’s the seemingly safe but gross stuff he wants to share but shouldn’t like his farts and boogers.

So, it seems, there are many levels and nuances of sharing for kids AND for adults. My favorite AND least favorite online feature is the “Share This” option you see on EVERY site you visit these days. I rarely get a personal “share” from a friend. Most are from friends who post them to their status for ALL of their so-called friends to read. There is nothing personal about these “shares, ” so I rarely read them. But I expect EVERYONE to read the links I share. (Hypocrite!)

Do you ever do it? Do you ever share? And when you share, do you add a comment about why you are sharing it? Do you have a certain person you always share stuff with? Are there people you wouldn’t share with? Are you a habitual bulk sharer? (Eeeww!)


The Power of Saying “Hi”

Blowing BubblesThe past few times I have taken my 3-year-old son shopping with me, I have witnessed something quite remarkable: people genuinely want to be happy; they just need a little prodding.

Each time I take¬†my son¬†shopping, I place him in the front of the shopping cart. As we move through the store, he waves and says a quick and enthusiastic “Hi!” to each person passing. The odd thing is that before his outbursts, most of the people aren’t even looking at us and definitely aren’t smiling. But as soon as his voice reaches them, they all look¬†toward us¬†immediately and form a smile.¬†

We get¬†responses like “Well, hi!” or “How are you?” My son might explain a toy he’s playing with or mention the fact that Momma ran out of gas today. Whatever it is he says, everyone who interacts with him for those brief moments seems to be happier than they were before.

My advice: ditch the stroller and let your kids interact with the world because their joy has a natural magnetic effect on others and everyone could use more joy these days; don’t you think?

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