“Losers lose things.”

20130117-172114.jpgNarcissistic sociopaths lack empathy and remorse for the negative consequences of their actions. Scratch that. They lack empathy and remorse, period. And they are unable to see their actions as innately negative. The sociopath in your life will tell you that you chose to be upset. You chose to react negatively. You chose to cry. You chose to get depressed. The sociopath will tell you that he’s just being honest and you can’t handle the truth. You can’t face reality. You can’t set aside your emotions and accept the shit sandwich he has served you.

Fine. I accept that. I am accountable for my own emotions. I should not have eaten the shit sandwich in the first place. I should have tossed it in the trash at first sight, first smell. Therefore, I choose NOT to be manipulated into a life of lies, guilt, and shame that go along with cohabitating or working with a sociopath. I choose NOT to deal with these types. In so choosing, I eliminate the negative energy their refusal to be accountable wreaks on those in close proximity. Because if they aren’t accountable, the people left in their lives to pick up the pieces are ultimately accountable and to blame for the sociopaths bad behavior. It’s a tricky little game sociopaths play. Psychology calls it projection and transference. I call it being a loser.

“Losers lose things,” proclaimed a very good friend and blog follower a few months ago. I have never forgotten this due to its simplicity and truth. People left behind to pick up the pieces eventually get tired of the game and walk away, and the Sociopath ultimately loses EVERYTHING!

Sociopaths are the BIGGEST LOSERS:

They lose friends.
They lose family.
They lose trust.
They lose respect.
They lose.

But to a sociopath, when all is lost, they view their life as a clean slate. This approach to life and loss seems positive and very Zen at first glance, doesn’t it? We encourage loved ones to put the past behind them, to look on the bright side, and to move forward. We encourage friends not to worry too much about things. But a sociopath misses the most vital step in wiping their slate clean: they never practice introspection.

Failing to take this step leads sociopaths to make the same mistakes over and over and over again. They lose, lose, and lose again. They never truly let go, move forward, and begin again, because sociopaths lack the ability to look within. Looking within shines light upon a darkness the sociopath has spent a lifetime burying. If they looked within… (I can’t finish that thought because it would be a vain attempt at fantasy.)

Therefore, without the exercise of looking within, the clean slate comes fast and easy to the sociopath. REALLY easy. With a clean slate, they can begin again with a new family, new friends, new trust, and new respect. The cycle is never-ending. They always lose.

If you’re a sociopath reading this post, pace yourself. One day you will die. If you time your last cycle right, when you take your last breath, you will be surrounded by the tears of the last group of “emotionally inadequate” family and friends you fooled into thinking you were human. But crying over you is a good emotion, right, Sociopath? Crying for you is different because you are the center of the universe. I got it. I also get that you created that rule, and you aren’t being hypocritical. I get it. We all get it.


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