No Need to ‘Stoop to Conquer’ the Sociopath

No need to Stoop to Conquer the SociopathThe biggest lie Sociopaths tell is to themselves about themselves.

Sociopaths “honestly” think they are superior and better than others and feel entitled to treat people any way they wish to treat them as long as it benefits the sociopath.

The Sociopath will kiss the ground that his current supply/girlfriend/boss/social group walk upon until they serve no material benefit or purpose.

And every other person that crosses the Sociopath’s path will also be looked upon as a means to an end:

>>The waitress
>>The bartender
>>The police officer
>>The lawyer
>>The Judge
>>The social worker
>>The department store clerk

The Sociopath will use his charms in the moment to get the best results he feels entitled to receiving. He’ll smile to their faces and call them morons behind their backs. And these people are so unsuspecting of the Sociopath’s evil and despicable intentions that they WILL grant the charming Sociopath exactly what he desires.

We can’t defeat these charming assholes at their own game. Why would we want to?

When we try battling them at their own game, we are stripped of our morals and ethics, and we end up becoming more and more distraught and guilt-ridden at OUR behavior.

(I did this. I don’t wish anyone to experience what I experienced.)

Sociopaths want us to stoop to their level. It validates them. Let’s not do that. Let’s, instead, leave them on their island at the center of their world. It’s where they think they belong, anyhow, so let’s give it to them. Let’s just leave them alone and go about our lives.

Let’s nurture our conscience, our empathy, our care, our joy and our love for all living things. Let’s step away from the hate. It’s not really the Sociopath that we hate, anyhow. It’s the continued injustice of never getting justice for the despicable acts the Sociopath inflicted upon us.

What we actually feel for the Sociopath in the end is NOTHING. A NOTHINGNESS. And NOTHINGNESS is difficult to process, but it’s possible. We just need to stay focused on ourselves and the people in our lives who bring us true joy, connectedness and hope.

There is no hope for the Sociopath, but there is unlimited potential for ourselves.


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Cappuccino Queen: A blog worth reading and following

20121203-115036.jpgShe calls him a psychopath. She fought for custody of her son and won. But she lost the battle for supervised visitations. Now, her beautiful baby boy Prince is dead. He was only 14 months old.

Prince’s mother, Hera McLeod and blogger at Cappuccino Queen, has many to “thank” for the death of her son, including the Montgomery County Maryland family court system (MoCo). MoCo failed to properly handle a delicate decision that allowed the father, a person of interest for murder and an alleged rapist in Prince William County Virginia, to have unsupervised visitations with his son Prince, a child who will never have an opportunity to speak.

Why is this happening? The courts and law enforcement need to wake up to the reality that parental rights must take a back seat to children rights when one or more of the parents display signs of having a personality disorder like narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder and/or sociopathy/psychopathy.

Do judges make these careless decisions because the pleadings from the other parent are too emotional, and the judge simply thinks she/he is overreacting or acting vindictive due to a broken heart? That is a myth that needs to be shattered. We DO NOT love these monsters. We DO NOT want to reconcile with these monsters. We want to be free of them and be guaranteed that our children will be free from their emotional, verbal, and often physical abuses. Wouldn’t you be emotional, too, if you had every reason in the world to fear that the father of your child is capable of irreparable damage to your child, including murder?

Yet, faced with overwhelming evidence, MoCo Judge Algeo in Prince McLeod’s case made the decision to allow the father unsupervised visits. By the fourth visit, dear little Prince was fighting for his life in the hospital, but the injuries he endured were too much. His little body wasn’t powerful enough to recover.

One can make many assumptions about who, what, when, and how the baby was injured. But for many of us who have experienced the diabolical lies, manipulations, and behavior of our own narcissist and/or sociopath, the truth may never be revealed, not even through an autopsy report. One thing is certain, however: a child is dead and nothing can bring him back to the ones who love him.

Visit Hera McLeod’s blog, Cappuccino Queen, and read the recent article in The Washington Post related to Prince’s death. What do you think? Should THAT judge and judges like him even be allowed to reside over such proceedings? As tax payers and members of a democratic free society, you and I have EVERY right to question these decisions and demand answers.

(And it’s not as simple as looking at the court-case history or the father’s criminal history. We all should know that by now. Remember Josh Powell and his now dead wife, Susan, and her boys?)


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