The Sociopath’s Hate Game – You better participate or else!

How often do you or did you find yourself discussing other people while in your toxic relationship with the sociopath?

Talking about the faults of others is never-ending and always the highlight of the Sociopath’s existence.

The ultimate in confusion is when the sociopath begins talking negatively about people you thought he admired. One day he’s best friends with someone; the next day that best friend is his mortal enemy.

And if you even consider questioning or countering the sociopath’s opinion of someone, you become their enemy also.

The sociopath leaves you little choice but to endure his hate-filled tirades about others. Otherwise, you become the subject of the sociopath’s hate-filled tirades, and who wants to be that? The sociopath is so vile in his description of people he dislikes. So vile.

People with healthy minds and outlooks on life don’t spend countless hours and conversations trying to convince the rest of us that someone deserves our disdain.

Healthy people ask each other why they might feel dislike for someone, because healthy people don’t want to hold on to the hate. Healthy people want to turn our hate into understanding, even if a person has behaved badly. (That’s why we give the sociopathic fools chance after chance.)

But the sociopath enjoys hating and enjoys it even more when he convinces or thinks he’s convinced others to hate, too.

When we agree or pretend to agree with the sociopath’s hate, we’re providing supply which energizes the sociopath to keep doing what he’s always done: hate and hurt.

I choose not to participate in this hate game. It simply takes us further and further away from peace.

Good morning! ~Paula

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