Support Needed for Carrie, Lady With a Truck

Lady with a Truck Go Fund Me!!When I started actively writing my blog and story about a year ago, I stumbled upon another blogger “Lady With a Truck.”

She shared her story of a 10-year pathological love relationship and the struggles she faced with understanding it and moving forward. I was not able to read her story when I first found it. Her words and experiences and descriptions were too close to my own. Her voice sounded like my voice. I saw too much of myself in her story, and I wasn’t emotionally equipped to religiously follow her posts and support her.

Nearly 10 months passed and I found myself creeping over to her blog, dipping my toe into her posts and story again. I commented quietly (if that’s even a possibility online) and lurked about reading and digesting her story that I had left behind months before.

Lady with a Truck, also known as Carrie, reciprocated in kind and started following and commenting on my blog. A bond and friendship was forming, even though limited and virtual.

Last week, Carrie alerted her readers to a possible setback in her long and hard fought struggle to get back on her feet.

And the issues were all financial.

Financial issues are a burden but a necessary evil in this life. I reached out to her and suggested she start a Go Fund Me campaign. Another amazing and inspirational blogger One Hot Mess(age) had opened one just a couple months ago and with great success! There is no shame in asking for help when we really need it, and I hoped Carrie would ask.

And she has!

Please consider supporting Carrie. Read Lady With a Truck blog.

She is a fighter. She is a hard worker. She is self-sustaining in many ways.

But even the toughest among us need outside assistance every once in a while.

Make your donation today! Help her save her truck and her home. 

Namaste! ~Paula

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