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If you follow my Facebook page or my personal timeline, you already know that the CEO and founder over at Elephant Journal pulled one of my stories last week, Lessons in Life and Love I Learned from a Sociopath, from his online site claiming it could possibly open him up to a libel or defamation suit.

I called BS on that, told him so and reached out to Donna Anderson over at LoveFraud.com to see if she’d be interested in picking it up.

And guess what? Donna graciously agreed to publish it to her site.

Lessons in Life and Love I Learned from a Sociopath is a personal favorite. I wrote it about 6 months ago, which marked the 2-year anniversary of escaping the boy. Writing it was self-affirming and served as a sort of rite of passage: for the first time, I was sharing my experience outside of the safe haven of this blog.

If you haven’t read this one, I hope you do. Namaste!

Lessons in Life and Love I Learned from a Sociopath ~ published to Lovefraud.com 

Lovefraud.com’s Review of “Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath”

Lovefraud.com logoDonna Anderson, survivor and author at Lovefraud.com, posted her review of my book today on her site. Here is a brief excerpt:

Escaping the Boy is an easy read that conveys the essence of the crazy-making that is a relationship with a sociopath. The author doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining the technical aspects of the personality disorder, so you’ll need to get that information elsewhere. Rather, she tells a cautionary tale for anyone who has not been involved with a sociopath. And for all of us who have also lived this dreadful experience, she tells a tale that offers us validation.”
~ Donna Anderson, Lovefraud.com

Follow the hyperlink below to read the full review:

Lovefraud’s Review of: Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath



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