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I am writing a follow-up book to Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath and would like you and your story to be a part of it!

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My second book will focus on healing and recovery from pathological love relationships using mindful approaches like yoga, meditation, writing, journaling, joining support groups and much more.

I believe that the more real-life examples victims, survivors and advocates read, the better our collective understanding. The better our collective understanding, the easier it will be to increase our support systems and see real change in how divorce, child custody, domestic violence, rape and intimate partner abuse cases are approached, investigated and determined/prosecuted.

By following the “Submit Your Story” link, completing and submitting the form, you agree to have your story shared anonymously. However, if you would like me to use your name in my book, check the box at the end of the form prior to submission. Your name and home state/country will be included in the book’s acknowledgments.

If you have any questions prior to completing the form, send me a private message.

You can complete as little or as much of the form/questionnaire as you would like. Keep in mind that writing about your experiences may cause anxieties and a flood of emotions. If you are triggered in any way, stop writing and speak to a trusted counselor or loved one.

Submit your story!

My latest TWTC story–Lance Armstrong’s ‘jailhouse’ confession: Do we care?

Lance Armstrong's "jailhouse" confessionEver since writing my October 2012 post comparing Lance Armstrong’s behavior to that of a narcissistic abuser, I have anticipated his next move. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when The New York Times reported last Friday that he might be ready to come forward and confess.

Pfft! Who cares? What good is his word now?

Read my latest Washington Times Communities story:

Lance Armstrong’s pending “jailhouse” confession: Do we care?

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