Blog of the Month at Blog Mommas (and Dads, too!)

Blog Momma Halloween Blog of the WeekI gave away four copies of my book today (with the help of my son who picked the number corresponding to the readers’ names) and then I got notified that I was the winner of being selected as Blog of the Month (BOTM) over at Blog Mommas!!

Check out Blog Mommas. It’s a great directory of blogs written by people (mostly moms) who have busy lives but still have time to share their insights, skills, and observations with the rest of us. The creator of Blog Mommas is in the process of categorizing the many, many blogs to make it easier for you to find blogs that fit your interests and needs.

If you would like your blog featured on Blog Mommas, contact the creator of Blog Mommas today!

Happy New Year to me and to you! XOXO Paula

Blog of the Week at Blog Mommas!

Blog Momma Halloween Blog of the WeekI have spent the past couple of days waiting out Hurricane Sandy at my Mom’s house in the mountains of western Maryland. Luckily, her home was only hit with minimal rain and wind. No snow, either! I have lots to write about in the next few days and wanted to let everyone know about Paula’s Pontifications being featured as the Blog of the Week at Blog Mommas. (The creator of the directory composed the image above. I love it! But how did she know I am secretly fascinated by hummingbirds? How did you know, A?)

Check out the directory. There are many, many blogs listed written by moms (and dads, too) on just about any topic you can imagine. Namaste!

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