self_love_Are you struggling to take that next step in your recovery? Struggling to overcome your confusion? Struggling to maintain No Contact? Struggling to find your footing and make sense of what happened to you despite traditional therapy, education and awareness?

As your healing and recovery coach, I will assist you in setting goals, manifesting intentions and applying your awareness toward a more attainable and mindful recovery.

Coaching includes:

Personality and learning style analyses
Personalized self-care and nutritional coaching
Access to e-literature and e-resources
Weekly text and e-mail support
2 guided-meditation sessions per month via Skype

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you tap into your transformational power, contact me by completing the form below to set up your FREE hour-long initial phone consultation.

The consultation is informal and an opportunity for you to share the intensity of your emotions without fear of being judged or dismissed. By the end of the hour, a sense of clarity will wash over you and you will feel renewed and energized for the transformational work ahead of you. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You are destined to heal!

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  1. I’m sorry I wrote a whole book, some of it don’t make sense as I got tired of writng, and I tried to be brief, a lot has happened with this man, so much pain that it has become a way of life, my story is different to most women but I really need advise..


    • Please don’t apologize for sharing. No one is here to judge how you express yourself. I believe we can all relate to the chaos you experienced with this toxic person over the past decade. Your first steps toward moving forward with your life are to 1) accept that this happened to you; 2) accept that you cannot change or undo it; 3) accept that you did not have the insight while going through it to have made different choices; 4) believe that you deserve better; and 5) forgive yourself. I highly recommend to everyone who was physically abused by these losers to get a full medical exam to identify any internal, silent trauma. It’s also very important to seek a counsleor or therapist with experience treating clients with PTSD and relational abuse. (Finding a therapist does not mean you need to start taking medications; talking to someone and releasing your experience is very effective therapy.) Also, take good care of yourself and be mindful of the stuff you put in your body. The clearer your body is of toxic substances like alcohol, processed foods and cigarettes (if you smoke), the clearer your mind will be as you embark on your transformational journey. Don’t lose hope. Focus on your music and the things in your life that bring you joy.


  2. Hi Paula

    I’ve been with my sociopath boyfriend since 19 now I’m 27, we have a daughter together, u fortunately I come from a bad background, my mother abounded me and I’ve never met my dad, I met my boyfriend when life was hard but I was working hard paying for my own studies , working a job that didn’t pay much but had my life in order, made time to focus on my music career as I’m a born singer with great talent, I didn’t have much but was coping and all was in order, I spent every single day with him when we met, he was perfect , we just clicked, two months later he disappeared withouth a trace , I was devasted, he called eventually planted crazy stories in my about how he was being watched by cops , how they tracking his calls , and mines so he couldn’t communicate, would make me. Meet him in locations and not pitch Bcoz he was not even in town but would lie to me, that’s how this relationshis began , I was devasted ,to cut a long story short eventually we got together again, I had mixed emotions but carried with the relationship, stayed together, he did everything for me, he sacrificed a lot for me , I was grateful, but today I wonder if it was all for me or he’s always been a problem child and couldn’t go home as cops were looking for him, also never wanted to study , he wanted to relocate to London but didn’t , said he stayed for me , basically life was tough as we were both young, we had a daughter when I was 21, he would abuse me physical and emotionally at times, we stayed with brother he would embarrass me a lot, he would get arrested atleast twice in a year, worked a job for 2/3 months and do something wrong, get instigated by the bosses and quit at some, eventually decided he wanted to quit one job and start his business of which I advised him not but never listened, my career picked up and I had a lot of new exciting plans for us that new year growth wise , most of the time he was negative, abusive emotionally towards me, there was no job, money or Business, I knew trouble would come so I begged him to not get into any trouble he promised he wouldn’t but , one day I received a call saying he had been arrested,disappointed and confused I called his mother to inform her what had happened, I supported him but I had on my plate, bills , job transfer, moving places, new job, him in jail, he needed me but at times I needed someone too but I had no friends as he circled only in his world, I met someone who I could talk to , who was there for me through that rough time, After I had waited for his release that got delayed every 2/3 week, eventually I got used to beibg in my own, I felt so bad but for once in years I felt free, happy, like I was finding myself, I would get mad at him a lot at times all the abusive memories came back, sometimes I would miss him and cry, I didn’t understand what was happening to me emotionally, at that time I didn’t know he was a sociopath, hence he would show his bad side now and again not entirely, he was two different people, but than again his emotional abuse became a way of life, I never questioned it I just became cold and got used to it, but it all came back when I had a lot of time to myself, that’s when my emotions got mixed,he came out eventually I felt so bad as part of me liked finding me and the freedom that gave me a chance to know me , growth, and a smile on my face, when he got out I was happy but felt like I Wanted to stay in different places, I dindt understand why I felt that way and what to do,but knew I wanted space from him to figure out as to what I wanted, and why I felt the way I did, I expressed myself to him but not properly as I didn’t know what made me feel the way I did , and still loved him so I was confused , felt bad but didn’t want to lie about how I felt about how he had been me, I lied about my fling while he was a way as I was too scared to tell him, I know how he is, I was lonely , fustrated with no one in the world, no friends, but I couldn’t tell me, he started partying, drinking a lot, got involved with another woman, as we didn’t stay together , he never took responsibility for his actions he blamed me for his arrest, as he claimed it was all for me, but I had a decent job finally, he quoted his as per usual, but according to him he was there bcos of me, after I had warned him and he never listened to me, it all became a mess we both found out about our affairs , when I found out about the woman he had me he denied it all with all the prove I had in front of me, infact he let her phone him on purpose knowing I would overhear, he wanted me to find out but he still denied it, and ran, eventually cried crocodile tears and apologized, I wanted space but he wouldn’t give it to me, so I took him back, I told him what had happened as well he left and went back to her, I tried to explain my loneliness and pain , confusion etc.. He wouldn’t budge, he carried on did business with her, travelled with her trying to secure deals, lied to me as we were taking eventually, he allowed me back to his life only so he could surprise me with his new big plans, his business offices, and his new leading lady, unfortunately for him he got arrested again, I loaned money bailed him out, he got out went straight home to his mom, claimed he had stopped talking to her but I don’t think he ever did, in the past when he vanished I tried to move on and try forget about him , dated just for fun didn’t tell about every guy I hooked up with but he left so I never felt like I had cheated so I just moved on when he finally came back after months of deserting me in silence, recently months after his arrest he would hit me , fight with me, boast about the woman he was with to me made me feel worthless, blamed me for everything that went wrong in his life, for the past year and months my life has been hell, he went back and researched my every involvement with everyone if from my past , high school, before I met him, and asked me questions like have I told him everything referring to my past and when he left me withouth a trace, spent a year slowly sucking out information out of me everyday sec week, he would do his research about everything I ever did and would expect every single detail about my recent involvement even though I had told me everything, he would call me a liar , but initially wanted every single detail ,after having confessed , bare in mind he’s very vague he plays mind game , mostly with himself as I’m never thinking all the crazy sick things as he does,paranoia…eventually I gave him details as I didn’t know what to say hence he asked me the same question 2nd week for Months, when we finally got to the bottom of that issue, he started accusing me of lying , except for this time around it was my past, my irrelevant past involvements, but according to him I was lying ,he made me spend the whole of last year with no job only empty promises, I finally decided to embark on my music journey, I discussed it with him, he agreed we would work on the project together, but dragged the whole year as if he hadn’t lied and cheated on me, he would wait for me to talk more details, not truth anymore as I had told the truth but every single detail of what had been told, than tell me more about what he had done, make me look bad first, so he would feel. Better about he’s lies, and initially that gave him an upper hand I would be able to blame him as he use me as an excuse to justify his actions, he spent a whole year doing this while I sat at home with no career , awaiting his help he had promised, as we were supposed to let go of the past and work as a team,instead he eventually treated me as if I didn’t exist, would love me at home from Morning till night,,kicked me out, pawned my car so he could go away and have money to spend with her,I got tired 9 months of hell, no job nothing but emotional abuse and empty promises,, one day I was out met someone took they numbers but never contacted them , one day he left me alone as per usual I was asked out and I was angry , decided he’s gone God know s where out of fustration I went got some air, he called I told him out with a friend like how he lied to me everyday, but I he locked me away like a prisoner he knew I was lying since I had no close friends that I would go meet with out of the blue, he than met up with his mistress openly , didn’t come back home , etc..people started seeing him with her, and they started asking questions, he carried on and on , than one I decided to go out as well, told him I was going with friends, he refused threatened huffed and puffed, but I kn what he had done, so I wouldn’t budge, he carried on with her, took her calls in front of me, saw her often, as he started unnecessary fights so he could storm out and leave, eventually he left , left with no money, no food, for weeks sitting with her, I asked him to come back he did , my career is only taking off now, but every day he’s shouting, insulting me, hitting me some days, abusing me emotionally, cheats and tells me about it, and justifies it, as According to him he’s never wrong, started a new job last month, only lasted for 2 weeks, now he’s demanding more percentage from me as we embark on my music career together, every where we go he claims girls want him , that give funny but at times I suspect he wants them too but blame everything on them,, he hides he’s true colors, it’s confusing and tiring. at times I feel like I’m going crazy, he’s full of drama, lies, abuse, big ego, etc… He starts a fight everyday, everything that goes wrong is my fault, he than also decided he no longer wants to date me, it’s strictly work, say hush things , really mean things, than I would except and respect what he wants , days later he’d call me a idiot saying he was giving a chance to prove myself but I’m too half asleep, stupid , etc.. Say he won’t be sleeping with me as he’s not turned on by liars, than come back again and demand sex from as I owe it to him,hence he’s taking he’s time to and money to help me, and I would think to myself if he hadn’t waisted my year holding me back I would have my own job and money,,today he decided he wNts more percentage from as he claims he’ works harder as a manager, I wasn’t happy but I agreed what could I do, when we were done with that, he started arguing about how he s lonely And wants to involve the same woman back to his life, and I decided if that’s the case I’d rather not work together as its very personal thing for me,he got angry and started telling me how I need him, I will starve withouth him, how I’ll go back to waitering go tables and will find myself waiting him and her as he laughs , I still didn’t budge, than he tried to force me by shouting and eventually slapped me and hit as he feels I owe a chance to allow him to abuse me until he feels that he’s payed back for all wrong Id done to him, he cheated, lied, payed back , still did everyday by hitting me, embarrassing me, making me feel small, and cheated , but despite all of that he still hasn’t had enough , and bcos I won’t allow him too, he got extremely angry and decided to leave, and go to her,said he’s choosing her over me… So I said it’s ok .. He said I must never call him I replied, I will never again don’t worry.. I want to move on, he’s disable me I don’t know where to start and I’m scared I will lose lot career wise as he’ll destroy all the work that has been put in but Id rather go hungry and poor!!! I’ll get up again👼



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