I’m shutting down this blog in a few days and this is my last post! 

But no worries. I’m not going away completely; it’s just time to infuse this blog’s message and mission with new energy and expanded purpose. So I’m happy to announce that I have a new website!

I spent the last four years blogging here at Wordpress.com (paularenee.wordpress.com) and finally made the leap to a self-hosted site on WordPress.org (www.lovelifeom.com). If you are subscribed to or started following this WordPress.com blog before today, you will not be notified when I post to my new blog.

To Follow and Subscribe to my new site, go to my first post on my new site:

Welcome! New space, new energy new purpose

This Welcome post contains instructions on how to subscribe and information about why I moved and the new services I’ll be offering to readers and followers.

And don’t worry. I transferred/exported all of my posts, pages, and comments from this blog to my new blog space, so you’ll still have access to posts and information you liked and referenced.

Thank you so much for all of your support through the years!!

With care,
Paula Carrasquillo

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