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Life is filled with lessons, and most of these lessons reveal a dichotomy we once took for granted. The most powerful dichotomy we’ve uncovered as survivors is that of good vs. evil. Today, we understand the relationship between good and evil beyond the poetic metaphor. Good and evil are real and ever-present. As survivors of sociopath abuse, we appreciate and value this dichotomy. We are not fearful of it. However, we are fearful of the chaos that could result if these forces were to crash into our lives again. This issue of Love. Life. Om. Newsletter touches on actions we can take to prevent future implosions of good and evil at our doorstep.

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Paula Carrasquillo
Yogi. Author. Advocate.

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  1. I just needed your sense of hope and awareness today, Paula. thank you!


  2. I meant to type: Coconut Sugar


  3. When I became a vegan, I gave up white sugar (in my coffee) because sugar is not vegan, it is ground up with animal bones. When I drink coffee in the morning, I prefer to drink it with plain, unsweetened soy milk (Whole Foods brand); however, I do like a little sweetness to it, Not long after becoming a vegan I found a terrific sweetener that is natural: Palm Sugar. Give it a try. You can find it at Whole Foods in the baking section.

    Although, there is a dark side to the production of coconut sugar.


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