Sociopaths have zero sense of identity, which is why they target individuals with strong beliefs, values and a moral compass, all of which sociopaths steal and wear as their own.

Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to see that when you fell in love with the sociopath, what you really fell in love with were your best qualities mirrored and reflected back at you.

So the love you thought you lost and wasted on the sociopath is still inside of you. You just need to redirect it back to yourself, the original and intended recipient.

Take back the love the sociopath stole and hoarded as his/her own. It was never meant for the sociopath in the first place. It was always meant for you.

Paula Carrasquillo
yogi. author. advocate.

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  1. Hi Paula & congrat’s on 6 yrs!
    Wow, you have done so much in those years & you should be proud of yourself 🙂

    I remember my Soc asking me just what I saw in him & I told him,
    “We had the same values, integrity,loyalty blah blah” & you should have seen him salivating!
    As you said, he mirrored me completely as I had all those things but, then he slowly & methodically started to undermine me by pushing boundaries & questioning my value’s & testing them. It was a constant battle of wits as you well know. Mostly I adhered to mine but, sometimes was swayed by him on my opinion of others & actions I would not normally have taken etc…really weird the way they try & corrupt your mind!

    I am still me though & so glad that most of my guard stayed up.
    He would get so annoyed with me when I didn’t do what he asked etc…hahaha saved myself many times 🙂

    Love & Light to you,
    PR xoxo


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    Absolutely wonderful post, Thank you.


  3. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    The sociopath is nothing but a blank mirror they are unable to feel so they feed off the feelings of others. Most times they are charming and you fall in love with yourself. Brilliant post.


  4. Beautiful and heart-warming, Paula ❤

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