WordPress notified me that today is my 6-year anniversay on the blogging platform. I think back to where I was 6 years ago and cringe:

It was December 2008. I was trapped inside a toxic relationship that I was unable to escape. I feared stepping out. I feared making the wrong decision. I feared being hasty. I feared I was being judgmental. I feared my choices, identity and boundaries. I was a scared and desperate wreck and had turned into someone I no longer recognized.

I am so thankful to no longer be in that foreign place of struggle, shame and attachment to suffering. Although not the only tool to help awaken me to the many wrong turns I took and delusions I stubbornly held onto for far too long, this blog has been invaluable on my journey into finding myself.

And to make the news of my anniversary even more special, Blog Momma pulled “A Yoginin Tramsformed” from her hat on Monday and declared it Blog of the Week!

Have a blessed week and namaste!

~Paula Carrasquillo
yogi. author. advocate.


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  1. Congratulations Paula! wow 6 years! I feel the same way about blogging, it has been such a huge part of my recovery, and in many ways thanks to you and your support and kindness. I am sure there are many others out there who you have helped. I hope you are very very proud of yourself! You have accomplished so much just in the short time I have known you. There is no keeping a good woman down. You go girl! I love to watch you grow.

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  2. What awesome news! Congratulations!


  3. How fabulous and well deserved! Congratulations!

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  4. How fabulous, and well deserved! Congratulations!

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