Yvette’s story: Regain your perspective; you did not choose the toxic relationship

Each day during the month of October, column author Paula Carrasquillo will feature a story written by a survivor of domestic violence. At the end of October, a compilation of all stories will be available for free as an e-book.

*All names have been changed to protect the survivor and the survivor’s family and friends.

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    “He spent all the money, and we were always in debt. My wonderful credit was trashed as he never paid for any of the vehicles he had purchased, and they had to be repossessed. He stole my credit cards (which I never used) and maxed them out. I was even unable to start paying back my student loans. I had never been in debt before, and now I could not afford to eat.” ~ Yvette’s Story


  2. Wow. I don’t really know what to say after reading this. I mean it reminded me of my own experiences so much – the debt, the lies, no food – everything… 😦


  3. OMG! what a monster that man is. There seem to be so many monsters out there, why, what causes men to turn into these monsters?


  4. So many feelings after reading this. Hope these evil imposters can be stopped one day…

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