Rape by Fraud

Dear Paula,

This week, I’ve identified the current status of rape by fraud law in Idaho and Texas on my blog. I’ll be adding 2 new states each Monday and Thursday. Once all the states are identified, I’ll be adding case law to the database. Rape by fraud, or sexual assault by fraud, is the crime that happens when someone defrauds you to engage you in sex, particularly when they use lies of identity to do so.

I have no specific order for my research, so if your participants have a particular state they want to know about, they should contact me on my blog at CARNAL ABUSE BY DECEIT – Can you spot a sexual predator?

I applaud the work you do to help victims recognize what happened to them and heal. As you know, sociopaths are not deterred by their conscience, they have none. The only way to stop them is by their fear of exposure, which they will lie their way around, or their fear of punishment. It’s my goal to ensure that punishment exists in the penal code of every state.

I am ecstatic that a NJ Assemblyman is determined to propose such a law, and will be using language I fashioned in the legislation he submits. It’s one of several states I’m working on, and would love to see more. It requires someone, or even better, multiple people, coming forward from their specific state. A victim came forward in NJ, and we are able to get traction in that state because she did so.

Your readers can contact me through my blog to let me know of their specific situation. I guarantee to protect their identity if doing so is their preference. I can tell them whether or not they have a case we can use to turn the tide. Doing so is easiest while the waves are rolling in, so it’s best that they contact me as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Joyce M. Short
Twitter: @jm_short, #RapeByFraud
Facebook: Carnal Abuse by Deceit
Blog: CARNAL ABUSE BY DECEIT – Can you spot a sexual predator?

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  1. I just spent most of the last year enduring rape by fraud by someone in Texas. I will come forward to see this man prosecuted. After it ended I discovered that he had cheated on me the whole time and he is constantly dating 2-3 people at the same time. And this man is almost 70, though he claims to be in his 50s. He wanted a life with me. He loved me, etc. I am still so heartbroken. He is on multiple dating websites and something needs to be done to stop him from hurting more women the way he has hurt me and countless others. He is now in a serious relationship with a woman who has a young son and I want to call and warn her so badly so she won’t suffer the pain I’ve gone through. I seldome read emails, but I will look for one from you to find out the status of what is going on in Texas. I’m new to realizing he is a sociopath and trying to learn all I can about this so I can heal and move on. I had to mask my email (a program I have on my computer); otherwise my picture would show, but once you email me I will give you my real contact information. Thank you for all you are doing about this. I am also trying to have him prosecuted by pretending to be an army veteran. He uses his pet as a service animal and even has a badge on the dog’s vest claiming to be a disabled veteran. Fortunately I have pictures of him with the dog, wearinig the vest with the patch clearly visible. And he thought I was “weak”.
    I truly do feel like I’ve been raped, I went to the gyno for a full scope of tests and discovered that I now have herpes. I had not been intimate with anyone for 7 years prior to this relationship, so now I also have the pain of knowing I have an STD from him. There is a lot more to the story, even more horrible things which I can’t post publicly, but I will open up to you if you contact me.


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