Last year, I invited readers and followers of my blog and Facebook page to submit their stories of abuse and survival for inclusion in my second book on healing and recovery. Much to my surprise, I received more than 60 responses and soon realized that these stories deserve a platform and book of their own.

I announced in August that I’d be editing and compiling the stories to be distributed as an e-book by October, Domestic Violence Awareness month. Since then, I spoke with my editors at Communities Digital News (CDN) about featuring a story-a-day from this compilation on my CDN column, Living Inside Out Loud.

My editors, Jacquie Kubin and Lisa Ruth, love the idea and gave me the green light to publish the stories to my CDN column beginning October 1.

So I’m asking everyone to support the effort and share and pass along each day’s story, which I will post links to daily from this blog. These stories are our stories. They speak to the disconnect and lack of understanding society in general has about domestic violence and emotional abuse and why it’s not always as simple as “just leaving.”

Thanks to the recent NFL domestic violence headlines, it’s fair to say that the majority of our friends and family are now aware that domestic violence exists and bleeds into our cities, neighborhoods and homes. What is not known is just how little is being done to support victims and their families faced with the daunting task of walking away from the abuse and then finding lasting support in the aftermath.

I’m hoping our stories will speak to the painful reality of this unknown

At the end of October, the complete e-book will be available for FREE through Amazon, and later a soft-copy version will be available to purchase.

Paula Carrasquillo, author of Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath

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  1. What an enormous, Herculean effort! Once again, you’re in the forefront of the fight to enlighten society about the impacts victims suffer in domestic abuse. Kudos to you!

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  2. Yay Paula, Well Done in the continued effort to bring the issues out from behind closed doors & into the open once & for all!
    I have Wayne’s book & Lao is an inspiration too 🙂
    Thanks for all your wonderful efforts & your passion 🙂

    Love Always PR xoxo


  3. Woo Hoo!

    BTW, I love Lao Tzu (to the right of your blog page). I learned of him after reading a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer.


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