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Are you struggling in your recovery? Struggling to overcome your confusion? Struggling to maintain No Contact? Struggling to find your footing and make sense of your next steps despite therapy, education and awareness?

As your recovery coach, I will assist you in setting goals, manifesting intentions and applying your awareness toward a more attainable and mindful recovery.

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Paula Carrasquillo, author of Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath

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  1. Incidentally have got new email now


  2. I can’t understand how in 4 years she never showed anger or aggression, was never nasty or disparaging towards me. She always treated me with kindness…. I saw NO sign whatsoever that she was anything other than a wonderful and sensitive person. I know now she is a Sociopath – oh God I know it without a doubt. Yet everything I have read suggests that they are horrid towards their partner on certain levels?


  3. Paula : I found out that she was an illusion. A pathological liar. She had ‘ made herself up’ for me – she was not real. She never ever showed anger, even when I told her what she was. Not once did her mask slip. Now locked in prison she is unable to get at me. Initially she kept ringing, I had all my numbers changed. I contacted the prison to tell them I wanted no contact, it took 4 weeks for the letters to cease. Long story, the police had to warn her off. But I wake up in the night and I feel her Impotent fury, I am a scared that she has not finished her madness towards me yet.


    • I am so sorry. I know and have felt this fear…the fear of an impending retaliation or attack. Do others, besides the police, know of your fears? It’s important to create a united front of support. Only when we are alone and without support can these people really maintain any control over us. When we have numbers on our side, they are able to recognize that their power no longer exists.


  4. I feel that the ‘Open’ Facebook page is unsafe, for any of the creatures can read and comment? Therefore I can’t join the group! Plus I have changed my email and am afraid of disclosing my new one. Is there anyone out there? If so please respond.

    Also my ex is in prison, with a total restraining order to not contact me or my family et cet… This should make me feel safe, yet it scares me as I wonder what she will do next! For I know she will be incandescent with rage!!


  5. I have read and related to so much. Yet I become confused, for in four years I never heard anger or criticism. There again I never saw tears. This woman was indeed a fine actress… It was the most wonderful relationship I ever had – until the day the wheel came off.


  6. Omg….the N that I am currently with says to me almost daily, “Smile…it’s going to get worse.” When I read your post that said almost the same thing, it gave me goosebumps. How very textbook they all seem to be! Wow…


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