Practicing side crow in my dining room – 9/6/2014

Today’s yoga pose: Side Crow Pose (Parsva Bakasana) is an arm-balancing posture that challenges and builds balance, strength and patience. Do not expect to get into this pose the very first time you try it. And expect to be challenged in different ways depending on which side you do.

Getting into the pose (instructions for right side):

  1. Sit comfortably on the floor or mat with your legs extended straight in front of you.
  2. Cross your right leg over top your left knee and place the sole of your right foot firmly on the ground on the outside of your left knee.
  3. Gently bend your left knee and pull your left leg toward your body, rest your left thigh and shin on the ground and your left foot on the outside of your right hip.
  4. Gently twist your upper body to the right and place both hands on the ground on the right side of your body shoulder width apart, palms flat and fingers splayed and grounded.
  5. Keeping your legs crossed in front of you, begin shifting your weight to the right into your shoulders, arms and hands. Your buttocks will natural rise from the floor.
  6. Re-position yourself so your left elbow is pressed against your right knee and your right elbow is pressed against your right hip.
  7. Keep your gaze focused on a spot on the floor just beyond your hands and begin to slowly shift all of your weight into your shoulders, arms and wrists. Your feet will naturally come off the floor the more you shift your weight forward into your arms.
  8. Maintain your gaze, breathe and if it’s available to you, extend your legs straight out to the side. Your elbows maintain contact with your right thigh and hip.
  9. Repeat on the opposite side.



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  1. This just gave me chills. I love the picture!

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    • Thank you, Kim. I had tried it for the first time 6 months ago but I just couldn’t get to this place. This past Friday, I went to a class taught by a woman that I find simply amazing. She guided us into the pose with the cues I listed above (which would be more clear with pictures for each step) and voila! I got into the pose without any issues! 🙂


    • This is just so wonderful- it speaks to the timing of everything and the balance in your life. I am happy for you, Paula


  2. some day! may not be today, but one never knows unless one tries it perhaps a thousand times and then suddenly it happens!

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  3. Reblogged this on Paula's Pontifications and commented:
    Side crow is a challenging balancing pose that develops strength, patience and stability. Namaste! ~Paula


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