Last May 2013, I asked interested survivors to submit their stories of abuse and recovery for inclusion in my second book on recovery. Surprisingly, I received a larger response than I anticipated with nearly 60 stories submitted through the online consent form by the October 2013 deadline.

Recently, I finished reading and compiling all of the stories, totaling over 250 pages–far more than I had anticipated! Therefore, I have decided to publish a book dedicated to just these stories and am happy to report that the compilation will be available as a FREE e-book in time for October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In addition to copy editing and reorganization of pages in the coming weeks, a title for the compilation is also on my to-do list.

But I don’t wish to make that decision myself. I’d like you to help me. The author of the winning title, if consent is provided below, will receive editorial acknowledgement on my blog, Facebook page and in the survivor stories book. The author of the winning title will also have the opportunity to write his/her story for inclusion if not already submitted.

Do you have a “winning” title that speaks to the importance of these stories and why they matter?


The book will be available for FREE as an e-book for the first several months of publication. A soft-copy of the book will also be available through Create Space self-publishing at a cost to be determined by the book’s final page count.

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  1. Thank you for writing this story. Thank you for raising awareness and carrying the torch so other women & girls can be saved and then hopefully find freedom from that part of ourselves that made us “bite of the poison apple.” It was an ugliness that I can never forget from a deep sleep that was difficult to awake from. Write on!


  2. P.s. cute instagram. Is that the first day of school photo?


  3. I haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning. Are you looking for us to submit a title for the book?


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