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July 29, 2014: Volume 1, Issue 4
Helping other victims of sociopath abuse, Is he REALLY a Sociopath?, and Self-care challenge

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  1. Hi Paula,

    Tell me more about the prenatal yoga class? Are you thinking of teaching that style of yoga to pregnant ladies?


  2. Paula!! Again such awesome words!!! I was nodding my head throughout your story of going to the hotel. No one understands, unless they have been there, that you are not coherent at that point. Everything is so overwhelming and disjointed. it takes time and patience for the victim of abuse to trust again- to trust others and importantly, trust their own thoughts and judgments.

    I also like how you pointed out that even professionals disagree on the meaning associated with such terms as “sociopath” or “narcissist”. Those of us who are sincerely trying to heal and figure this all out should not be held too harshly in judgment (by ourselves or others) for using this vocabulary to express our experiences. These are words and words have meanings, of course, but they also have energy and intent. When we use such terms in line with our Highest selves as a means of understanding ourselves and our experiences than I believe such terminology serves its purpose even if it is not agreed upon.


    • Thank you, Kim. It’s so easy for us to become wrapped up in trying to figure out and label the person who hurt us that we neglect ourselves. I’m guilty of doing that; I absolutely am guilty of it! But all it did for me was delay my recovery and accumulate more pain. 🙂 ❤


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