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July 15, 2014: Volume 1, Issue 2
Personality Types, Why me?, and Holistic Healing Tips

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  1. Really liked this. Laughing out loud that you did not want to be a teacher-and look at you now. Teaching may not be your “official” profession but it is all over your writing! 🙂


    • Kim, I think I had to learn how to teach and learn from myself before I could ever begin attempting to share, or teach in a sense, to anyone else. I was laughing at myself to be honest! What a knucklehead I was…I’ve been. (BTW, your 2nd book showed up damaged from the rain the other day. I’m hoping Amazon will send me a new copy and let me keep the damaged one (it got soaked) so I can destroy it more by ripping out pages and posting them all around my house and in my workplace.)


    • so sorry to hear about the book. If they don’t send you a new one, let me know and I will send you one!!!
      Oh, I so understand about needing to teach/learn on your own first before teaching others. That, my friend, is the way of any true teacher!:)


  2. excellent work Paula!


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