Part of the reason I had to speak out about the boy in my story, the sociopath, two years ago is because 24 years ago there was another abuser who I remained silent about due to feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. His name is David Leo Cassady, and he hasn’t stopped hurting and harming women, children, men or the police since:

On Friday May 23, 2014, at 2:55 pm, Cumberland City Police Officer’s responded to a private residence at the 100 block of Pine Avenue for a trespassing complaint. Upon arrival contact was made with the owner of the residence who advised that David Cassady, age 42 of Cumberland, showed up at his residence uninvited and refused to leave. Officers advised Cassady that he needed to leave but he refused to do so and became argumentative. He was placed in custody and transported to the Cumberland City Police Department where he was processed and criminally cited for Disorderly Conduct. He was released pending trial at the Allegany County District Court.

On Wednesday May 28, 2014, at 12:32 pm, Cumberland City Police Officers were dispatched to a disturbance on Queen City Drive. Investigation into this matter revealed that David Cassady was inside the Union Rescue Mission and engaged into an argument with a staff member. Cassady proceeded to throw food around the dining room area and allegedly spat on a staff member. Cassady began to cause a disturbance outside the establishment as he was disturbing the peace of others in the area as he cursed at the officers. Cassady was placed in custody and during the arresting process, he kicked an officer. Cassady was transported to the Cumberland City Police Department where he was processed and served. He was taken to the Allegany County District Court Commissioners Office for a bond hearing and held on a $8,500.00 dollar bond at the Allegany County Detention Center.

When is this city, Cumberland, Md., going to do something about this person, this thing, before he kills someone?

I was one of his first female victims 24 years ago when I was just 18 and he was 18. The police in Cumberland refused to do anything about his threats and attacks against me then and allowed this psychopath to spend two decades terrorizing and tormenting women, children, men and the police. He’s been in and out of the prison system and has left many victims in his wake, many who suffer from trauma and continued fear that this disgusting example of a human being is going to come and kill them or their loved ones.

Unfortunately, I suffered alone for 22 years in the aftermath of his abuse. I remained silent, because I naively thought I was smart enough and strong enough to overcome  the trauma of being smothered, threatened with a gun, kicked, punched, and made to believe I should be ashamed of myself for being raised with loving parents. I learned the hard way, after years of depression, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and my own arrest, that I am not super woman and that I needed help.

Do you have any idea how many victims this piece of trash has harmed in 24 years!? Many have warned me not to speak out. Many fear that he will come after me and my family. Well, my family and I are not afraid of this coward. Not anymore. Cowards like him only go after people he thinks are weak and easily scared. I’m not afraid. I’m not scared.

If you are or have ever been a victim of David Leo Cassady, come forward. It’s time the city of Cumberland starts focusing on real criminals who have the greatest potential to commit murder and render many of its residents fearful and frozen. Violence committed by a single person over and over again has a cascading and rippling effect in entire communities.

If you are reading this and have been a victim of domestic violence and feel trapped and unable to escape the daily torture and torment, you’re not to blame and you’re not alone. Contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and consider reading my latest story about why we stay. You may be surprised by what you discover:


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  1. Though I’m sorry to learn you went through this, this was such an empowering post. You – and the other women that he has tormented – are one million times better than this man could ever be.


  2. Paula, I am from your town and grew up with this man. I am not surprised by what I read, as others have mentioned his behavior in the past. I am so sorry you had to go through this. I am also very prayerful for the people currently in his life. May God keep them safe.


    • Thank you. I pray for and meditate on their safety, too. 🙂


    • i am a sociopath…..dont want to be one…..just cant feel others emotions


    • Anonymous, not being able to feel others emotions does not mean you’re a sociopath. How old are you? Sociopaths lack self-reflection. I sense you have the ability to self-reflect and HAVE self-reflected.


  3. You know where I stand on all this. Many hugs to you my dear. May you continue to build strength with each passing day. One day….Some day…there will be justice. ❤


  4. I almost cried reading the strength in this posting. I love your authenticity and your resilience!!!


  5. Well done Paula.

    BTW, did you happen to hear last night’s program: On Point with Tom Ashbrook’s on NPR (Tom is away on vacation so someone else was filling in for him).

    Last night’s show, entitled: Misogyny And Murder: Unpacking A Killing in California”

    It was the most disturbing show I have ever listened to. It sent chills down my spine. If there are men out there who truly believe they are entitled to rape women, we are in huge trouble Paula — HUGE!


  6. You go Sister!!! I admire your conviction and courage! You give me hope.


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