International, UK-based OM Yoga Magazine will feature my book, me and fellow survivor, blogger, and entrepreneur, Andrea Clark, in their upcoming edition.

As part of a larger story on the benefits of yoga and meditation for domestic violence victims and their children, our professional bios and contributions to issues of safety, DV/abuse recovery, and sociopath awareness will be highlighted.

To put an international spotlight on survivors of sociopath/pathological abuse is HUGE!! It’s huge for everyone from victims to those who offer assistance and support to survivors in recovery.

Please checkout Andrea’s blog, The Eternal Victim and her Safe Girl Security site.

Also, consider following OM Yoga Magazine or getting a subscription. Their mobile app is free!


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  1. Congratulations – so great that you are raising awareness in this way.


  2. Congratulations, Paula! You are helping so many…worldwide! So happy for you!!! Namaste


  3. As you know I am thrilled for you and you deserve the recognition for all you do!! I am so proud of you!! Look how far you have come!! Would you have ever guess 3 years ago this would be your life now?
    You are an inspiration to me and every other survivor of abuse xxx


  4. Congratulations, Paula.


  5. congrats! good for you! great work!


    • Thank you, Lynette. Please be sure to check out Andrea’s sites if you aren’t already one of her readers. She’s high-energy and full of life and passion and is doing amazing work for all of us. XOXO


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