When we are struck by a sociopath, we are presented with the gift of knowing and experiencing the true dualities of life.

We appreciate love more, because we felt true hate. We appreciate beauty more, because we have experienced true ugliness.

We saw these things not only manifest in our abuser, but within ourselves as a result of being impacted by the sociopath. Once we are outside of the sociopath’s sphere of influence, we are empowered to focus on the good…the love and the light and the peace.

Have you ever tried guided metta meditation? As supplemental therapy for traditional counseling, medication, and mental health recovery services, many healthcare professionals are asking their patients to consider integrative healthcare options like nutrition coaching, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. I have a playlist on Youtube. Consider video number 4 (above) on the list.

Peace is within us, and once we realize how to access it, our life becomes enveloped in it, protecting us from future sociopath/pathological influence.

~Paula XOXO

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  1. Guided meditation is the only way I can meditate, at least for now.


  2. By interacting with these types of people, you are correct- we are given a different window into the dualities which exist. And, if we are wise, we learn from this perspective


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