The psychiatrist did a great job of listing why one MIGHT suffer from an anxiety disorder as a result of health traumas or imperfect childhood experiences like OP, but the expert failed to accurately illustrate how anxiety is outwardly manifested and measured over time.

The expert, in his ignorance, proved Pistorius does NOT suffer from general anxiety. Quite the opposite.

People with true anxiety tend to be anxious as a result of deep feelings of accountability, shame and blame. Oscar displays none of these.

Those with true anxiety are often rendered unable to act, because we need things to be perfect before we act. Otherwise, if something doesn’t happen as we planned, it burdens us because we see the failed plans as being totally and completely our fault, no one else’s. Oscar blames everyone BUT himself.

Those with true anxiety burden themselves with all of the fault. We run every possible outcome and scenario through our minds, which is why most of is don’t act or pursue our dreams. We try to be perfect before taking action (which is impossible), so we rarely act. Oscar has the opposite problem. He believes he is perfect and acts like a bull in a China shop, smashing through life with delusions of entitlement.

Those with true anxiety can definitely be controlling as a result of our need for perfection. However, when and if we do act and our actions fail or result in harm, the shame and guilt builds and grows deeper. Our anxiety grows. It’s a vicious cycle that destroys our self-confidence, self-respect and self-worth.

OP displays zero accountability or remorse, which is evident in his specific responses to being questioned about his harmful behavior.

Oscar IS suffering, however. He suffers from the temporary anxiety of getting caught and realizing prison time is an absolute possibility and consequence.

It’s convenient for the defense to claim anxiety, but the diagnosis is grossly inaccurate and insulting to those of us who understand how anxiety leads to deterioration of self-worth, not to an inflated ego and deflection of accountability, which is what Oscar displays.

OP is a sociopath. There is no doubt in my mind. He intentionally murdered his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The only thing that wasn’t intended was getting caught.


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  1. I am dealing with anxiety and I do get offended whenever someone uses anxiety as an excuse to get away about doing something horrible. Dealing with anxiety is so difficult both physically and mentally, Most of the time we are being judge by this and some people may say that we are just making it up or that it is all in our head. We are already being misunderstood so for someone to lie about it is not only offensive but also very insensitive. I hope that more people would take anxiety more seriously.

    – Abby


    • Abby, you’re absolutely right! There is very little understanding or awareness of what anxiety is, why it happens, and how we cope and manage it daily. Pistorius and his team are making careless and destructive claims about a population of people they know absolutely nothing about all in the name of diverting attention from the crime. It’s careless and criminal what they’re doing.


  2. The trial is not going very well for Pistorius so they introduced this GAD bullshit. I’m sorry I’m not buying it. A person suffering from GAD wouldn’t fire a shot up in the air when reprimanded by authority, but somebody who is egocentric would. I’m glad Nel is calling their bluff. A trial extension of 30 day for psychiatric observation would mean added costs for Pistorius. He’ll be a bankrupt sociopath by the end of his trial.


  3. Paula, as always, you detail the difference in Pistorius’ behavior and that of one who is remorseful and humanely connected to others.
    Jules, I’ve read some of the judge’s history, and I’m pumping hope that she sees through his defense. Sadly, the prosecution doesn’t seem to pick up on these nuances.


  4. It only reinforces the fact that sociopaths care only about themselves…poor little victims… yuk..


  5. Exactly right. Pistorius’ only anxiety is, he is being held accountable for what he did. His only remorse is the affect it will have on his future. Pistorius is a sociopath of the first order. As always, there will be people who are taken in by a sociopath this is why they are able to remain under the radar for so long. The fact that he shot Reeva would be, in Pistorius’ mind, Reeva’s fault.

    I just hope the judge can see through him.


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