I’ve cried a lot in my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve cried: for myself, for my sisters, for my parents, for my friends and even for people I don’t know.

I used to be extremely affected when I was accused of being too emotional.

(Go figure, right!? Haha!)

But now, understanding what I know about being a highly emotional person, I embrace my emotions…my tears, my joy, my anger and my frustrations.

I imagine most who come here are highly emotional, highly sensitive and deep feelers.

You’ve probably been called emotionally unstable a few times in your life, too.

I want you to know that this sadness you feel and the tears you cry are not indicative of some type of clinical depression, especially when these tears flood out of you in moments of quiet thought and pondering.

It’s normal and necessary for us to release our emotions. When we don’t, tension and stress build.

I know some may be skeptical of all my talk of yoga and meditation. But wouldn’t it be a blessing to be in a room with a bunch of highly emotional survivors who experienced what you’ve experienced? All of us meditating quietly and releasing those tears to make room for our joy?

I envision it quite often…We have smiles on our faces as the tears roll down our cheeks.

I don’t call that unstable. I call that being perfectly in tune with our emotions with the freedom to express them without shame or judgement.


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  1. Yep, I cried this morning already. Life is difficult and interpersonal relations comprise that…try dealing with a defiant 15yr old of a Narc father. I want to go to my yoga mat and let more tears out ~ THANKS so much for that suggestion and all your loving affirmations thru this blog, Paula. THANK YOU for sharing


  2. Paula your amazing! Thank you for your words of wisdom!


  3. Wanted to let you know that I shared your pages, this and your facebook page, and I am now following you here! ❤ I can't wait to sit and read more!


  4. I love that you offer the image to us to cry together without feeling shame, but instead, feeling the bond of strength and empowerment.

    to Sucked Dry – do you know about tapping? I suggest you take a look and put it to work, it’s a great tool, combining the principles of acupuncture, (tapping on meridians) with affirmation. Here’s an intro link, which may be all you need. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfZBHWSbrsg

    Good luck, sistah


  5. Paula, I have been getting your replies–thank you. For some reason I can’t reply to them…probably something to do with the settings.

    It’s funny how the universe works, how I found your blog yesterday not knowing that today would be the day everything came crashing down. I just couldn’t let him treat me so poorly anymore, and when he called me a f&^ing idiot in front of our four-year old son as I walked out of the door to MY house for work, I knew it would end today. After threatening me with “hard evidence” if I had him served with divorce papers, he agreed to contacting an attorney friend who said he could end the marriage with just a couple of signatures in his office.

    Now I feel so hollow and empty, but at the same time cannot stop crying. As I explained to my boss why I needed to leave and go back home today, the comforting hug was like a lifeline I couldn’t let go of. It made me realize how starved I am for some genuine compassion and non-judgmental care. Married for one month to someone I’ve been in a relationship with for 7 years should never feel this lonely.

    I have reached out to my family and you were right…they are ready to help me and just want me and the kids to be happy and safe.

    But how to I get over this feeling of wanting to crawl into a hole and make everything go away? The embarrassment and shame of this happening is almost too much to bear.


    • …and I know he’ll come back. He always does.


    • I am so happy for you despite knowing you are in this nauseating stage of embarrassment and shame. But with your support system in place, you will slowly begin to lose that shame and embarrassment. the more blogs like this you read will also help you release that shame. Each of us did things, said things and stuck around for too long and even went back to these people more than once thinking we shouldn’t trust our gut because everyone around us kept demonizing our abuser. We didn’t want to be in that club, so to say, and gave the abuser more opportunities to change. But the only one who changed was us. We lost ourselves, our friends, our dignity in some cases, and our will to live joyfully. You are at the precipice of change and transformation. You must go through this pain. Look at it as a rite of passage to the next level of your existence. Truly, you are changed but for the better. You must believe this to be true and that life can only get better after the hell you’ve endured. 🙂


  6. Paula, lol I can relate to being told I was too emotional, too sensitive, a flake, ….. by my family mostly and of course JC. Funny thing is when their lives fell apart and they needed someone who did they run to? The one who cared, the “flake” funny how that happens.
    I recently did a post where you answer a few questions and they give you your personality type. It was very interesting, most of the people who took the test were the same personality type (no surprise really). What did surprise was the type I was and most of the others making up 1% of the population. Which leads me to believe we are not “wrong” we are very special, unique, intuitive, with amazing compassion and ability to feel.
    I cry almost daily, not because I am sad for me but for the people who come into my blog, for others who are hurting, because I can empathize. Its too bad we only make up 1% because the world could do with a lot more compassion.
    btw I would love to cry in a room with a bunch of other caring people. It is sure a lot more appealing than being in a room with a lot of sociopaths having to watch my back.


    • That’s amazing that there is only 1% of us!! It seems like we’re everywhere, but I guess it’s because we’ve all come together online. We are rare, I guess. I had hoped we weren’t. That just means we should never take each other for granted!! A room filled with us would probably cause spontaneous light to shoot from our perineum. Haha!


  7. I love this and love the image. Whenever I cry in yoga or feel rage or whatever, I think to myself “That was within me. Thank God I am able to leave it on my yoga mat.”


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