Ayurveda 101: Discover your dosha to help bring your body and mind into a more natural state of balance and peace.

Will you take a test and share your dosha type with the rest of us?

I believe the majority of us survivors are Pitta. I base this on how we communicate and on the struggles many of us have shared related to stress, weight gain, digestive disorders, and general well-being.

What’s your dosha? Better yet, do you even know what a dosha is? Have you ever come across the words Pitta, Vata, or Kapha?

Do you wonder why certain foods seem to negatively affect you almost instantly, while other foods feel like home in your belly?

Or why you enjoy certain activities and sports and not others?

Discovering your dominant dosha will offer great insight into how to bring your body and mind into balance.

I’d love it if you would consider taking this test (provided on the page linked below and above) and share your dominant dosha in the comment section.



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  1. pitta


  2. Oh my goodness, Paula! My strongest dosha in the test is Pitta.

    14: Vata
    17: Pitta
    10: Kapha

    As you know, I am a 59 year old Black female. I’ve taken the test before but, it’s been several months ago. I seem to recall that I was a Pitta/Kapha at that time.

    Is there any significance to Pitta being the dominant Dosha due to the fact that all of us have experienced and love the NS in our lives?

    The past couple of weeks for me have been REALLY difficult.

    Remember the post I shared several weeks ago re sending the card of apology for my out-of-character rant to the NS that betrayed me? Well, not over him like I thought I was or professed to be. He contacted me; I caved. He reeled me in only to hurt my heart even more rubbing poop in my face that he won a trip to Ireland for his hard work on his job and he’s taking his 18-year old girlfriend with him.

    Utter devastation. I was warned by you and other NS individuals who have posted comments NOT to talk or have contact with the NS ever again. I’m struggling. Feel like I’ve regressed back to July when he broke my heart with the news that he flew her to the US from Canada to live in his house.

    Weekly therapy session was yesterday morning. I cried so deeply from it all, I was INCREDIBLY drained. Prayed to make it through the day and I did. Stayed strong and didn’t break down at the office. Stopped at the local grocer to pick up a pint of ice cream. As soon as I drove my car into my garage, turned off my car, and shut the garage door, I FEEL COMPLETELY APART.

    This part is the funny shit (and I know better)…I put away all office stuff, got undressed and put on my PJs, sat in front of the TV and watched Access Hollywood, ate the entire pint of ice cream, turned off the TV and went upstairs and went to bed. Typical behavior of a girl who is blue and in the dumps! 😦

    I’m sharing this becuase I want to be honest with you and all of the other people who are suffering from the after-affects of a NS in their life. I cracked the scab of healing that was building in my heart…in my life. Now, I’m feeling alone, very scared, very tired, very untrusting of even my own feelings. I don’t even know if I REALLY know myself anymore. Please understand, I am not suicidal nor do I have those thoughts.

    But damn, this dark place really sucks….sadness & loneliness suck. Ugh….

    Praying for healing, yet again. Namaste


    • Nyla, I think understanding that your dominant Dosha is Pitta absolutely explains why you behaved uncharacteristically. That uncharacteristic behavior immediately troubled you, right? Which made you question yourself and realize you were out of balance with your true nature.

      According to Ayurveda, Pitta imbalance is evident and measurable when we are short-tempered and argumentative. We usually lash out and ask, “What did YOU (the abuser) do wrong!” which is uncharacteristic of us Pittas who are usually very self-critical first and seek inner fault like you’re doing now.

      It’s important to remember that we each carry the energy and characteristics of all three Doshas and they can all become off balance, which is what happens to us when we’ve been abused and traumatized. Learning your dominant dosha can help us to focus on rebalancing our natural more dominant state to help bring the others into focus.

      I think you could really benefit from looking deeper into Ayurveda, Nyla. You are, by nature, a lover of knowledge and wisdom. The more you understand your nature (which is compassion-based), the less critical you’ll be about your missteps during the intense period of imbalance a few months ago.



  3. Hi Paula. I am a 53 year old male. Empath, and highly sensitive.

    Vata: 9, Pitta 27, Kapha 14. Several questions could have gone one way or the other but I just answered as truthfully to myself that I could.


    • Thank you! My plan is to share even more related to bringing balance using Ayurveda approaches. As deep feelers, I think most of us are open and aware to the grounding benefits of alternative therapies, including yoga and meditation. I’m a horrible salesperson but am passionate about spreading the news to others when something works for me and I’ve seen it work for others, too. 🙂


  4. Pitta


    • I should create a poll so people who don’t want to comment even anonymously will share. I find it interesting that we lean toward Pitta…mostly. 🙂


  5. My score was:

    Vatta – 13
    PItta – 15
    Kapha – 13

    So I guess I’m a pitta. I just read the description and some of it is spot on.


  6. I got 24 on Vatta, 16 on Pitta not sure what it means though.


  7. I’m a pitta!
    thanks for sharing this information, it’s always nice to explore other complimentary and cultural healing systems, helps us to be proactive in our own health care.


  8. Oh, I am loving how you tie these together. My dosha was Pitta. Thanks for this information today- I really enjoyed it.


    • I’ve been thinking about studying Ayurveda. There’s an institute in Boulder…The Rocky Mountain Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda. Pretty cool!


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