The following breaking news reported by Donna Anderson of made my skin crawl and simply angers me. Why don’t we listen to our gut instincts?

New Jersey Woman Plays the Con Man and Wins!

The sociopath boy in my story tried to convince me once that he had worked as a computer hacker for the big government contractor Northrop Grumman. As soon as the words rolled off his tongue and to my ears, I rolled my eyes. No computer hacker is going to admit to being a computer hacker. And no computer hacker would EVER reveal his employer.

“Hello, dumbass!”

Why did he tell me this? Because I had added a security password to my phone after catching him spying on my texts and calls. In claiming to be a hacker, he was trying to instill fear in me and make me feel trapped and cornered, out of control.

The only thing his stupid “confession” of being a computer hacker did was make me angry, despise him more and encourage me to finally find a way out of the relationship without him hurting me or my son further.

If someone tells you they’re a spy or a secret agent or a hired killer, find a way out of the relationship. These are bluffs of morons and frauds with a lot of secrets to hide.

The first thing agents are trained not to do is talk about fight club, remember?

Listen to your gut. Be mindful of your intuition. These people are NOT smarter than us when we listen to that voice in our head and make that voice our guiding light.


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  1. I ‘ve just read your comments on sociopaths pretending to be spies etc. I couldn’t believe husband told me he ‘d done work for m.i.5 (we live in England).Irecorded the conversation and felt tempted to tell the appropriate authorities what he was blabbing to anyone who would listen.


  2. In the past I’ve read emails my soc has sent to women he met through online dating websites. They ask him what he does for a job and he says, ‘its complicated, but basically I kill people for a living.’ (He’s an analyst for the military…..) This is a milder version of what I’ve over heard him tell other people before, attempting to seem like some kind of Hollywood movie. He also makes up grandiose lies about myself and our children – my favorite being that we are ‘roommates’ and he helps me with the kids because of my work schedule. And it is sad because the new woman has no idea what kind of absolute lies he is telling. I never feel sorry for her because my soc has a way of manipulating her into hating me. It is a very odd phenomenon. She has never met me but because of the terrible things he tells these women, I become public enemy #1. I suppose this is just another way to pit more people against me, and to continue to make me out to be the bad person. I have a lot of haters out there. Some women are smart enough to pick up on it after a while. Others are desperate for the attention he initially showers them with.

    I like to equate my soc with the used car salesman character in the movie, True Lies.



    • Let Her Go, Thank you for your comment. They are slimy car salesmen, for sure! But remember that it’s less about people hating you and more about people feeling sorry for him. That’s why they lie about us…for the pity. These fools are predators and we are just their collateral damage. But we’re only damaged if we allow what they say about us to affect us emotionally and spiritually. I no longer give a damn what my ex tells people about me and why I wrote my book. I do not care that I am “crazy” in his eyes or that I “need” psychological help. Personally, I find it funny that those are his reactions to all of the truth I have shared. It serves to validate me and prove his nature even more. And people in their circles absolutely figure it out…eventually. Good people become exhausted by the drama and chaos and the hate they spew. We especially get tired of the pity parties and the neediness. They NEED us to believe what they tell us. The moment we question the motives behind why they feel a certain way about someone, that’s when the hate and rage starts to boil inside of them. Those unconnected by romantic bond can walk away from this madness with relative ease and not feel guilty about it. But for those intermingled with them on an intimate level, they have no other choice but to agree with them and to look at us, the exes, as the enemy. The needier the woman, the more easily she’ll take on the role to demonize us along with the sociopath/narcissist. And the needier the woman, the harder it is for her to break away from the madness. I feel deep sorrow for the needy women who don’t value themselves enough to detach and seek better and more joyful lives. I pray for them and hope they come out less harmed than I was. 🙂


  3. This story made me sick. I cannot even imagine telling such egregious lies.


  4. (Sadly) all too true about the grandiose lies they spin. My ex claimed to be: the son of a millionaire, connected to the mafia, and friends with freedom fighters. Yeah… right.


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