Many Oscar Pistorius sympathizers believe he fired blindly at the toilet door because he suffers PTSD due to childhood trauma and because he was a victim of violent crime as an adult.

PTSD symptoms of hyper arousal may lead a PTSD sufferer to lash out violently, unexpectedly and uncharacteristically. In the aftermath of this hyper-aroused state, the PTSD sufferer is overwhelmed with feelings of remorse and self-hatred.

Pistorius sympathizers believe Pistorius was in a PTSD hyper-aroused state when he shot through the toilet door killing Reeva. If one believes this, one should then wonder, “Where is Oscar Pistorius’s self-hatred and remorse for murdering Reeva?”

He has not expressed either. The only emotion I have witnessed coming from Pistorius is self-pity, which is NOT the same emotion as self-hatred.

I stand firm that Pistorius’s outburst was not PTSD-related. Rather, his rage, his deliberate shooting of Reeva, is a textbook sociopath temper tantrum. His self-pity is a textbook sociopath diversion used to manipulate the collective empathy of society in order to avoid facing the consequences of his shitty behavior.

My empathy and sympathy will not be ambushed. I reserve my empathy and sympathy for the actual victims of Pistorius’s crime…the family, friends and loved ones of Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius is a victim of his lack of conscience. Nothing more.

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  1. Oh my goodness – Oscar winning performance – fake tears…..the whole gambit of lies – I was married to one – I know how fake and contriving they are –
    They even convince themself that they didn’nt do it?
    How weird is that???


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