I awoke this morning to more Oscar Pistorius testimony and am blown away by how he’s able to just say that he “made a mistake.” We make mistakes on math tests. Oh, right…boys will be boys, huh?

He’s already minimizing his actions, and he hasn’t served any time or taken any responsibility for his “mistake.”

In reality, he’s been very sheltered and protected these last 13 months. He even went on holiday to beautiful Mozambique where he met his current girlfriend who happens to be 19 years old. Can a man who is truly mourning the devastating “accidental” killing of his beautiful girlfriend meet someone new and fall in love less than a year later?!? Someone who “accidentally” murders his girlfriend would be too fearful and distrustful of HIMSELF to even consider allowing someone new into his life.

Reeva’s murder was no accident.

People who commit “accidental” crimes such as this admit wrongdoing and ask for their just punishment. They don’t weep and cry in hopes of being pitied and forgiven before they’ve faced the consequences.

This delusional and pathetic abuser has no shame. He has no respect for Reeva’s family who are truly grieving. This entire story makes me both angry and sad.

Every single one of us is fearful of judgment. And we resist the urge to judge others, because we understand the pain of being unfairly judged. It’s a great practice NOT to judge others. But it’s not judgment when you call a spade a spade. It’s a fact! Oscar Pistorius killed a woman. He deserves to face the consequences.

If I “accidentally” kill a person due to my own negligence, I wouldn’t be able to expect zero punishment. I would serve my time and hope for redemption. Forgiveness is never a given nor should it be expected. Acceptance of our behavior and acceptance of the just punishment is a sign of a remorseful person.

Pistorius accepts neither. He wants to be the exception to all the rules.

Pistorius mentioned earlier in the week that he suffers insomnia, and when he can sleep, he often awakens terrified “to the smell of blood.” Today, he testified that the day of the murder and while in custody he asked an officer if he could wash his hands:

“I asked a policeman if I might wash my hands because the smell of the blood was making me throw up,” Pistorius said on the stand.

Really? He wanted to wash his hands of his crime? Perhaps we should refer to him as Pilate and not Pistorius. The smell of the blood was making him sick and not the reality that he had murdered his girlfriend?

For me, Pistorius continues to reveal his true nature. Who wouldn’t sit in the blood of the woman he killed and face the consequences? Who wouldn’t accept what he did and consider that smell to be part of his just punishment? This man is a coward. This man is despicable. This man is a pathological sociopath who honestly believes he has suffered enough and hopes we will pity him to avoid the maximum penalty and punishment.

I apologize for repeatedly going on about this, but this could be the case that many victims can refer others to in hopes of accurately illustrating and explaining the mask of sanity abusive sociopaths walk around wearing, fooling the populous.

Oscar Pistorius accepts no blame and refuses punishment.


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  1. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/10/oscar-pistorius-accused-egotistical-behaviour-reeva-steenkamp

    I watched also – the deconstruction of the various social network messages between them illustrated his utter self obsession

    the malignantly manipulative behaviour of an abusive narcissist is clear to see in this I am guessing rare public deconstruction of what looks to be a classic example of a narc’ – it makes my skin crawl to hear him talk – to witness him has me revisit the manipulative abuse I have suffered from the loser narcissist abuser who has disturbed my life – the whole thing makes me angry inside.

    So do not apologise about writing about this – we all should never apologise for expressing out the bile these people bring to our otherwise peaceful loving lives.


  2. I agree with others- please don’t feel you are going on and on about this. I think so many of us are empowered by your INSIGHTS. You see through his behaviors and take his behaviors to the logical conclusion. You are right- what man who “accidentally” kills his girlfriend follows this up by finding another girlfriend in less than a year? If he were really having so many “problems” with sleeping, terrors, the smell of blood, blah, blah, blah, and he was truly as upset as he says he is,he would hardly be in the state to begin a new relationship. However, he has never seen himself as responsible for ANY of this. I can’t stand to listen to the news clips of him bawling on the stand. I am sure he does feel horrible- for himself.

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  3. Couldn’t have put it better. He waits for the big stage to apologise to Reeva’s parents. Unless Reeva was stone deaf she would have heard this supposed commotion and either responded by calling out or opening the door. And, would have screamed out after the first shot hit her. This man is a sociopath who will blubber his way through the trial. I really hope the judge see’s through him.


  4. I couldn’t have said all of this better!!! My thoughts EXACTLY!


  5. “Who wouldn’t sit in the blood of the woman he killed and face the consequences? Who wouldn’t accept what he did and consider that smell to be part of his just punishment? This man is a coward. This man is despicable.”
    Perfect nutshell Paula.


  6. Please don’t apologize for an accurate impassioned plea for justice. I just discovered you and your blog, and I look forward to many more postings. I wish there was no need to alert the world to sociopathic behavior, but as long as there is, I am grateful for your work.


  7. If the judge sees him for the sociopath that he is this could be a presedent setting case in the sense of publically exposing the behavior of the sociopah.


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