I like answering all of my mail. Sometimes people contact me and leave no return address.

Today someone contacted me and left no return email. He asked about first loves. I hope he sees this post and feels more secure and less guilty about continuing to love his first love.

Despite this blog’s seemingly negative outlook about relationships and love, I very much believe in love and have loved and been loved throughout my life.

I, for one, find it especially difficult detaching myself from those I once loved and who loved me in return.

(The sociopath is the exception. Like most of what I believe spiritually, the caveat is always “with the exception of sociopaths.”)

This lifetime is a short one. We meet a mere handful of people. The ones who fill my spirit with kindness, affection and bliss live inside of my heart even if they live many miles away or if we have somehow lost touch.

Here’s to true love and best friends!


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  1. “The sociopath is the exception.” So true Paula! I have no problem either eliminating that ‘relationship’ out of my memory.
    Being with a narc-sociopath and the aftermath of it definitely makes me appreciate all the genuine people I have met in my life.


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  3. How did he contact you without leaving a trail?


  4. 🙂 made my day, week and year.


  5. When I get frustrated trying to explain to people why the relationship ended, I can put it so simply thanks to this post. ‘I loved him, but he didn’t love me.’ Instead of struggling for words I just need to learn and retain those 7 words. Thanks Paula.


  6. “with the exception of sociopaths” is such a nice way to put it. It will be my new addendum.


  7. I agree whole-heartedly Paula!! I believe in love and I am happy when I hear of someone finding true love. No one believes in love more and I can look back on previous loves with no regrets and only fondness in my heart. I don’t have many good memories of my relationship with JC and I thinking of him doesn’t put a smile on my face but I am not ashamed that I loved him. My love was real; he was the sick one that doesn’t make love bad or all men evil.
    I am at a point where I don’t NEED love but I certainly believe in it. Why look at you! you have gone on to find healthy love who you consider a partner and who considers you an equal.


    • Carrie, you have more love surrounding you than you can fathom. I wish you could see it as clearly as the rest of us do. XOXO


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