energy_vampireMost who come to this blog know what an energy vampire is, specifically in intimate relationships. Although we escaped the toxic relationship with our exes, there is no guarantee we will be able to forever avoid the impact of sociopathy moving forward.

How do we use what we have learned about sociopathy and sociopathic behavior and apply it to non-intimate relationships that seem to be draining us like our sociopathic/narcissistic partner did?

Fortunately, we can learn to recognize behaviors inflicted on us by others in our relationships to determine if those behaviors are the source of why we feel negatively impacted in that relationship. (After all, sometimes our emotional state of mind has nothing to do with the people we relate to and has everything to do with our own self-worth and confidence.) But if the other person is a mind-sucking energy and emotional vampire, our first defense is to end the relationship so we can get to work on ourselves.

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Is your boss an energy vampire?
by Paula Carrasquillo for Communities Digital News, LLC 

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  2. That was a great article, and I identify completely. For four years I worked for a narcissist like that. She hated me because I was better educated, smarter, younger, etc. One minute she’d be accusing me of some misdeed, the next she’d be my “pal” asking how my kids were, etc. I was always in trouble, I wasn’t allowed new projects as “punishment”. Even worse, we both got into the same program for an MLS, not realizing the other was in it. She was actually co-director with another woman who was great, but had to cowtow to the vampire. Her bosses were afraid of her. I had no recourse. When I was pretty much through the degree, I quit. But I think she damaged my health.

    My immediate boss now is very kind, but her boss is that same paranoid micromanaging kind of freak. Luckily I don’t deal with her directly, but she’s about to give my boss a nervous breakdown. I can’t understand how these people are promoted to such high positions. And the bullying is often woman to woman more than anything else. There’s another great book about this called The Bully at Work – What’s bad is that the abuse doesn’t fall into your usual harassment cases – it’s not sexual, or racial, or religious. It’s awful, and I feel for anyone going through it. I won’t work long for someone like that again. I’d about rather collect food stamps. It’s not worth it.


    • They really are bullies. And they are so cunning and charming. Thank you for the other book reference. I have a friend who is dealing with a boss like this currently and it truly is affecting her health. I’d rather collect food stamps, too. 🙂


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