Blogger_to_FlaggedIt’s unfortunate that bloggers claiming to be supportive and interested in helping victims/survivors heal would end up becoming the source of additional pain and abuse.

I share the attached article as a warning. And I choose to believe Rachel and can identify with her decision to publish the following post:

Always be mindful of what you share, how you share it and with whom you share.

This is a sacred journey on which you have embarked. Be vigilant in protecting your dignity, your grace and your self-love.

Above all, listen to your gut. If you question the motives of a blogger with whom you have personally corresponded, heed your inner warning, heed those red flags and walk away sooner rather than later.


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  1. Paula,
    I was unable to read the post as the site is no longer available. That said, I’ve seen Le Clown on a few blogs I follow. Never paid him much attention. What happened? Did he verbally attack CR?


  2. Hey Paula.

    I agree Rachel is 100% justified in her post. Absolutely justified.

    I have talked to Eric privately. I don’t know how the backwash is going to go. Personally, I hope he gets some help. I’ve seen this issue on a number of different angles, but because I’ve been abused, too (I had a creepy young woman stalk me on LiveJournal, for one) I will say predatory behavior is never okay. Man, woman, whomever… abusive, predatory behavior is not okay. Not okay.


    • jaklumen,

      Thanks for lending your support to CR’s decision. LC’s action are definitely predatory. I agree. I am simply shocked to discover how long it’s been going on and with how many. I’m wondering where he was prior to WP and FB “hunting”. Someone as mastered and as prolific as him has been practicing for a while. Quite a shame.


  3. I used to follow him a couple of years ago with my old blog, and something always creeped me out about him but, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I chalked it up to him being from Quebec (i’m from Ontario in Canada and there is some wacko’s there,,just sayin, lol).
    Then I chalked it up to him just getting such a base following so fast and maybe it was his ego.
    I had actually forgot that I had fb liked him on my personal page years ago because I never saw anything pop up until just the other day when he started that bashing with Nicki`s blog and I thought it was wierd that he personally asked my opinion, I now know that he was probably just trying to cause some sh*t
    And then, when you directed me over to Calamity`s blog and I saw that it was HIM that she was outing,,it all came together and finally made sense,,,it was my pervy NARC spidey sense all along!!
    Thanks for this.

    P.S. Because of his stupidity I now am following 2 strong funny woman,,thanks Le Clown you moron!


    • I remember being exposed to Le Clown when a blogger I follow posted her story to BBW. I checked out his other blog. As I read the About page, I had a similar feeling that I probably should just let this one go. I enjoy witty banter and occasional sarcasm as much as the next person. But when someone’s entire personae is based on being not serious, it leaves me wondering what that person is hiding. Clearly, Le Clown has not done the necessary deconstruction of himself, because if he had, he would have realized he has no business subjecting others to his faux sincerity. He is a most vile anti-social predator who knows exactly what he is. How else could he have chosen a name and image that would instantly repulse those who would never fall victim to his game? With his well-suited avatar, he weeds out those who would challenge him. And from the reactions to Calamity’s post, even those who didn’t see through the mask initially soon discovered the guy is crud. Yes, crud. Hehe!


  4. Thank you, Paula, and to everyone who has shown support to Rachel. I was hurt by him over a year ago, and to finally have validation, to see people not singing his praises but telling of the harm he does? I hate that it happened to anyone else, an I especially hate how far he went with some people. But today I actually feel like there’s something called justice.


  5. Yes, so do I.


  6. Wow! The monsters are everywhere, aren’t they? Sigh.


  7. Add me to the list of believers and supporters. Love you Paula.


  8. Thank you, Paula. I am so very grateful for your continued support and your beautiful wisdom. You are an inspiration to many, believe me.


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