Interesting distinction between an NPD and a Sociopath. 😉

diana iannarone

My experience through life has been a pattern of choosing sociopaths, time and time again…then a seven year reprieve.  Now I can add narcissist to my repertoire of knowledge.  I think I pretty much grouped them together as if they were one in the same.  Granted there is overlap…but from my perspective the game is played quite differently between a sociopath and a narcissist, which is how I managed to almost be deceived again, only this time I was aware and observant and allowed for the possibility that it was all a lie.  THIS makes it much less painful, but painful nonetheless. This difference is measurable and can get you a bit off guard if you don’t consider the stark difference.

To me the biggest red flag for a sociopath is their incongruence and their meanness.  What they say and do seldom matches and in some ways it is really…

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  1. It’s so hard to distinguish the differences sometimes; they all seem to have so many overlapping traits.

    Mine had every trait she mentioned, both sociopath and narcissist. That’s why I like your term the best Paula–narcissistic sociopath.

    Alexandra Nouri says it best–they are all just toads!


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