These are great examples of behaviors that can be detected and measured EASILY by the victim/the person being duped by the disordered mind of a sociopath. They’re twisted and these behaviors are their hallmarks. Thank you, Susan, for sharing!!


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  1. I did not realize, until I saw that list. that what my Ex had done to me was considered “abuse”.


  2. This information is very helpful to sort out the abusive among us.

    It is hard to admit failure in a relationship, however when personal safety becomes an issue it is time to bail on the situation.


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  4. […] Tin Man’s Pathology Traits ( […]


  5. Paula, thank you for the reblog. This is without a doubt a huge compliment. 🙂

    Happy [vegan] Thanksgiving. 🙂


    • My ex has 54 “yesses”, 29 “sortas”, and 17 “nos”.

      The “sortas” and “nos” on my list generally refer to the traits of a sociopath victim (depression, etc.).


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