If you follow my Facebook page or my personal timeline, you already know that the CEO and founder over at Elephant Journal pulled one of my stories last week, Lessons in Life and Love I Learned from a Sociopath, from his online site claiming it could possibly open him up to a libel or defamation suit.

I called BS on that, told him so and reached out to Donna Anderson over at LoveFraud.com to see if she’d be interested in picking it up.

And guess what? Donna graciously agreed to publish it to her site.

Lessons in Life and Love I Learned from a Sociopath is a personal favorite. I wrote it about 6 months ago, which marked the 2-year anniversary of escaping the boy. Writing it was self-affirming and served as a sort of rite of passage: for the first time, I was sharing my experience outside of the safe haven of this blog.

If you haven’t read this one, I hope you do. Namaste!

Lessons in Life and Love I Learned from a Sociopath ~ published to Lovefraud.com 

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  1. Hi Paula 🙂

    Power to the people & the more awareness/insight/opinion/discussion the better.
    We need to discuss & read about different personalities & life lessons/stories etc…haven’t we always learnt from reading & sharing & exchanging.
    The media is a powerful tool & only a complete tool would object to printing an opinion.

    Most media is opinion & conjecture, just because it’s written you still choose to believe or disbelieve but, like to be informed.
    A moral obligation exists to allow freedom of opinion & speech. At least in Western cultures I like to think?
    Unless you have something to hide or fear, then you shouldn’t be a CEO in publications etc…Keep up the good work, thank goodness the internet & other word formats can get the stories out, regardless of some who cannot see outside the square.



  2. Paula, excellent article!!! Bravo !!! I certainly didn’t see anything that could have had legal ramifications. Whatever your CEO’s reasons were for not printing it you rose above; you can’t keep a good woman down!!


  3. Hi Paula, I just read your piece on Lovefraud and don’t see anything in the content that would provoke a libel or defamation suit considering you don’t mention his name.

    Maybe the CEO is like so many others–skeptical of the word “sociopath” to describe anyone but a serial killer portrayed on Criminal Minds.

    Even my friends who knew me during the relationship with my ex-S and knew firsthand of his lying, cheating, abuse and gaslighting look at me askance when I use the “S” word (or the “P” word), so I’ve stopped using it.

    I want more than anything to make the general public aware of these monsters who walk amongst us, but I’ve given up trying.


    • Personally, I think the CEO understands the word completely and is more fearful of being labeled one himself. He can’t have the definition sitting right there on his site for the world to see and become informed.

      But you are right. Most people give a hairy eyeball glance when we use that word. However, you would be surprised by the many who listen and then go off and self-educate and read up and do their own research. You put the sociopath bug in their ear, as I like to call it, and smart and mindful people WILL seek the truth.

      I’ve been pleasantly surprised by friends who have approached me privately and said, “Hey, thanks for putting this out there because now X, Y and Z make sense to me.”

      So the less we try to get people to understand and the more we simply focus on facts and properly using the term, the more awareness we bring.

      Subtle and deliberate awareness. It may not cause a light bulb to go off for everyone, but even those handful who get it, have the potential to bring awareness to another handful and so on.



    • You’re right, and I think there ARE people I know whose opinions I’ve changed a bit. I don’t think I can ever truly give up trying to educate about them when the opportunity presents itself, since it was such a life-changing experience. I guess I’m just feeling a bit defeated lately. Your optimism is infectious though; it’s one of the things I enjoy most about your blog. You seem very happy and that’s inspiring and somewhere I hope to be in the not-too-distant future. It’s hard at my age, though (54), as I feel I’m too old to start over with all the new knowledge I’ve learned.


    • You are never too old if you are breathing!! Death is the only reason for not starting over. Hehe! But don’t be fooled, I’m not always happy. I have rough days and feel defeated, too. But then I remember that person I used to be and how far that person has come in a few short years. My 82-year-old dad came to visit me today. I realized that I am the age he was when I was born!! That’s a lifetime! We have many lifetimes within us, Abbri. Start a new one today! 🙂


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